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Through the Looking glass..


Sometimes you walk into a room and you know exactly what it needs to up the anti.  Other times, the space has to settle before it can speak.  I’m in that dilemma with one of my rooms, hence a bit of visual inspiration.

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Laters, Kate x

Catch Yee Monkey x


This week has been a matter of smoothing the road whilst riding the battle bus: Lots of things happening, too much juggling and not enough time for writing – something had to give.  But we’re definitely on the acceleration towards the end.


Well – sort of end – there’ll still be the decorating to finish, and given my ability to blow the budget, it’ll all be down to me to climbing ladders and wielding paint brushes.  Not that I really mind – I like the sense of ownership…and at least when the colours polymorph it’s not a double whammy of paying for new paint and decorators to put right.  But I’ve reached the stage I just want it finished…to see everything back in the rooms..pictures on the walls..the spaces given their kiss of life.


Upstairs we have a whole room jammed to the ceiling with bulging boxes and bits.  It’s going to be interesting to see what makes it back – what one needs (we’ve managed with very little for the last six months ) versus what one wants (I’ve missed cookery books, wedding photos and vases) versus essentials: a running tap, a sink, a dishwasher…a fridge door that opens all the way..an oven! How have we managed without a kitchen for 6 months??


Today the tap is going in – the oven is in the house rather than in the shed.  The lovely French cabinet is also in – but I think photos can wait till all the handles are on. Hehe.

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(All pics Pinterest)

At the moment I’m just removing all the lacquer from the brass with nail varnish remover and elbow grease so they can all age disgracefully and develop their own patina. One’s own patina…A life’s essential don’t you think?


Laters, Kate x