Progress x


It’s the painful part of the cellar renovation…painting all the bookcases.  Probably more so than usual because they started off black…and they’re black.  The reason is the shelving is an Ikea Billy hack – using basic Ikea units to look more than the sum of their parts – and that requires a layer of camouflage paint.


At least I have the TV to keep me company.


But it’s still slow progress.


The hunt has been on for the perfect pink for the stair wall.


And I think I’ve found it via the felt our tap came wrapped in.

Now to get it colour matched..

Laters, Kate x


  1. abbiosbiston

    One summer while on holiday in South Africa I helped my friend hand sand and varnish an entire bar plus stools. It was a long couple of days but we watched all the movies we loved in our teens and it ended up being a blast.