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White on..


There are some things that even science still can’t explain..

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Past bathroom trends: Curiously overstated, flamboyant, slapstick and in your face.

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But maybe it wasn’t so bad…maybe we’ve now gone too much the other way – found the plot but lost the fun?


Because yes, there was holy chaos…but take away the shag pile carpets, soften the saturated colour..and the essence of something special is in there..


Hidden in plain view, the traces are lovely…


(All pics Pinterest)

This is the Maida Vale sink by Fired Earth, available in aqua, yellow and navy.

Wide-eyed bewilderment in this goofy praise of avocado? Keep watching – the tide marks are turning…

Laters, Kate x

Smoking x


Remember Granby? They haven’t stopped evolving since winning the Turner Prize last year.  Even better, much of what they do totally feeds into the Future Candy trend – that perfect sweet spot of imperfection.


These are their unique ceramic tiles created by smoking in a BBQ for 12 hours with sawdust, newspaper and banana skins.


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The effect is tantalising, like you’ve taken something light and let it go daaaaaark.


Thank goodness for moral depravity.

Laters, Kate x

The Big Idea x


The passing of time is nothing more than the feeling we get as our brains shift and shunt sensory information into the holding chamber of memories.  It’s a bit like trends – they push their way to the forefront..and disappear again.  Although some like the modern kitchen with all it’s multiple matching cupboards has literally become like the expected signposts on a motorway – totally predictable.  Except I think it’s changing.

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It’s partly to do with the resurgence of the larder, and partly with the joy of glass: Because things behind glass are not messy my friend, but artistic.

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Whatever it is, the big cupboard is making noise.

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Size does matter.

Laters, Kate x

Clip Art x


Sometimes it’s the little things in life that make the biggest impact: Take the Tiny Homes movement sweeping across America quietly proving that small can mean freedom.  They’re also icons of great design where every square inch counts.


This is a Tiny Home from Portland that just sings with love and clever details.


Just because it’s compact, doesn’t mean it has to be modern.

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It puts a smile on your face.

Laters, Kate x

Future Candy x


The future doesn’t eat, but it does draw you in with it’s promise of change and difference.


If I could predict a future trend it would be a move away from regular pattern and symmetry.


Not an easy concept to pull off: How do you make something cohesive whilst embracing chaos?

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(All pictures Pinterest)

Except it’s that perfect imperfect sweet spot that makes it so very tasty.

Bon appetit.

Laters, Kate x

Pretty and Pink x


The rollercoaster of fashion steams on, morphing, re-inventing, disappearing and then back with a bang.  Each time the story is different, responding to design needs, changing faces and context, which is what makes it all so fascinating.

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Take the shoulder pad: Nemesis of the 80s, spawn of the 40s..and ripe for a re-birth.

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But now less cut-out character from Disney, more cutting edge with balance.


I don’t know much – but I know I want some.

Laters, Kate x

Frankly it’s fringe..


Some would say it’s an affliction, others a disease…all I know is I’m in love with everything fringe.

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Particularly the type you find at the bottom of an inviting sofa: There’s an echo of the past, a touch of glamour..a sense of time standing still. A cat at play..

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(All pictures from Pinterest)


The painting in the sitting room is finished.  All it needs now are a few finishing touches. Where’s my needle..

Laters, Kate x

Shine & Shade x


Wallpapers: Can you spot the rubies in the dust, the cheerful from the chips, the diamonds in the rough? Scroll through, remember your favourites….then see at the end.  So this is number one..







































Now for the reveal…..all the wallpapers were from Graham and Brown – not a company featured much in the interior design world glossies.  But many of the concepts here are visually similar to their posher counterparts: Honolulu palm versus Palm by Cole and Son, Capulet teal versus Hermes jardin d’osier, tudor houses versus Fornasetti.   But their price point? Nothing here was over £20..and some of them were as low as £7.50 per roll…check it out:

One = Honolulu palm green for £20 per roll.

Two = Desire gold for £8.50 (in the sale) or £17 per roll

Three = Marvel action hero for £10 per roll

Four = Juan white for £7.50 per roll

Five = Jiao pruple for £7.50 per roll

Six = Tranquil purple for £7.50 per roll

Seven = Bao white for £7.50 per roll

Eight = Desire damson for £7.50 per roll

Nine = Fresco Mai for £10 per roll

Ten = Olympus black/white for £10 per roll

Eleven = Majestic black for £15 per roll

Twelve = Petit papillon black for £20 per roll

Thirteen = Do the stretch mustard for £20 per roll

Fourteen = Capulet teal for £20 per roll

Fifteen = Botanic charcoal for £20 per roll

Sixteen = Kelly’s Ikat for £20 per roll

Seventeen = Enigma white/prussian blue for £20 per roll

Eighteen = world heritage black/white for £20 per roll

Nineteen = Honolulu black for £20 per roll

Twenty = tudor house for £20 per roll

Makes you think: Where does the beauty lie?

Laters, Kate x

The Inbetweeners x


If we Brits are obsessed with the weather it’s with good reason: On Friday it was a barmy sixteen degrees..on Saturday, it snowed (OK it didn’t hang around but it wasn’t a figment of a vivid imagination either..) which possibly explains why we’re all so preoccupied with layers and wearing coats that remind us of beds.

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Because the quilt is having a quiet spin in the limelight, perfect as a stand alone or working it’s magic as a sartorial hot water bottle under a top coat, it’s one of those under-the-radar-winter-must-haves.


And Amsterdam based Company Scotch and Soda have some of the best…


Casual or smart.


Often reversible.


They’re adaptable, transitional and just a little bit different.


Another addition it to the winter uniform list of lust.

Laters, Kate x

Birkies.. x


The rise of the Birkie shows no sign of abating, indeed it’s all praise for the fashion trend that works with any outfit, any where and even keeps the chiropractor smiling.


Except I have one unexpected niggle..the most comfortable shoe ever they might..but eewch! Give them a while and they can put up a pong that gives a goat cheese factory on a hot day a run for it’s money (I don’t think this happens to everyone, but google ‘smelly birks’ and there are enough results to prove I’m not an isolated incident)..mine reeked so badly they spent the winter months tied up in a plastic bag in the bottom drawer of our freezer in an attempt to kill off the evil, perpetrating bacteria.  Sadly it worked for all of 5 mins..the time it took for them to de-frost.  Loathed to throw them away, I’ve finally come up with a solution that thankfully seems to work..a regular wiping down with makes the leather for a bit hard..but rather that than inflicting chemical warfare on the local neighbourhood and resident small furry animal population..

169c3edc9b042c52656ccb69ecb83247The company aren’t resting on their classic laurels either but are continually bringing out different colours and updating styles with subtle, clever changes – one of the best being the addition of coloured soles. Red?


Or Pink?391f391f37d51d4d10142428bf921c39 d55dfecc98999afe96c5a0b8e065acb0They are the no-brainer-must-have shoe of the summer…it’s just deciding how many pairs which ones to buy..decisions, decisions..

Laters, Kate x