Alexa Chung x

It’s British, it’s a woman, it’s designed by a fashion icon…so Alexa Chung by Alexa Chung should be the wobblies de chiens.  So why does it leave me – like her collaboration with AG   on the clammy side of cold?

Like a crow over carrion, time to pick over the bones…

  1. There’s no progression of ideas.  Like famous clothes horses before her, she’s taken inspiration from the wardrobe that’s made her: a bit of this, a bit of that.  The link that draws them together is her, which is great if you are her.  Or want to pretend to be her.  But don’t you want to be yourself? Isn’t that what she’s all about? Being an individual…I’m confused.. 2. She’s a hipster chick who’s proud to buy vintage and snuffle her way through charity shops. I doth my feathered hat.  But to emulate her style you just need to do the same..those Mary Janes? a fiver at Camden…  3. Because it’s so reliant on the past there’s not much modern twisting, which begs the question – where’s the house style to hang a feathered hat on? (All pics Alexa Chung)


4. She’s an intelligent woman who understands and has personally experienced the patriarchal influence on fashion, so why reproduce clothes for boys again?

You’re beautiful, rich, clever, creative – so be it, be original instead of hiding behind things other people have done.

Laters, Kate x


    • Maison Bentley Style

      I’ve always found the fashion degree an interesting one – there’s the argument it can cause conformity. Where I think it does work is educating through history, through making – understanding how garments are put together. I think she is creative, is clever..but doesn’t have the confidence of the educated..and I would rather see someone with that confidence have the opportunity she’s been given.

  1. claireisinbetween

    I think you’re correct in saying that the link is her and these clothes, while blah on others, would be splendid on her. I liked them but solely for the dream of being like Alexa. Perhaps the appeal or goal was to recreate the cobbled together wardrobe of Alexa through and by Alexa?

    • Maison Bentley Style

      Maybe it was. But I think I’m saying this brand is a gimmick rather than a genuine fashion label. It may well change, develop..but I won’t be investing my hard earned cash in it.