Bring Back Bjork!


(All photos Huffington Post)

Who could forget? Taken in  2001…when stars were prepared to be human and dress for themselves…and give us something to truly talk about..


1969 – Barbara Streisland


1999 – The wackiness that is Celine Dion


1996 – Our own Kate Winslet, still rough around the edges…


1990 – Kim Basinger..never really got the hang of Oscar night…


1989 – Demi Moore – striking out..sort of..


2003 – Hilary Swank..less swank..more net..


1986 – The indomitable Cher

We bow down to you – come back! All is forgiven!

Laters, Kate


  1. A Spoonful of Style

    I totally agree! Especially after seeing the Isabella Blow retrospective over the weekend – the people who are prepared to push the boundaries of fashion are always the most interesting. These days most of the red carpet stars look like they’ve been dressed by the same stylist – polished but a bit boring. Xxx

    • Maison Bentley Style

      Wasn’t that a special exhibition! She may have left an impressive wardrobe..but she left a huge hole in the fashion world. It just seemed so natural to her..not like the people who hang about fashion week…she is missed xxxx

    • Maison Bentley Style

      Hard to say! But I think it’s the circle of write, you like, you comment, you travel to other Blogs, they travel to’s a conversation that keeps running – good luck! x

    • Maison Bentley Style

      Wasn’t she just fabulous?? Now I fear it’s all a conveyer belt..not helped by the designer brands knowing it’s such a big deal..but it’s become so sanitized…even Madonna would bring a smile! x

  2. jackiemallon

    I blame Joan Rivers and that annoying little Osborne tyke of Fashion Police. No one, especially the American stars, can bear to be ridiculed. Helena Bonham Carter and her two different colored shoes still has them all shuddering!

  3. The Fashion Huntress

    I love when people take risks! Who cares if the looks were questionable?! They were creative! I always feel like even it’s a “fashion miss,” we are still talking about it- and that’s how art is! It gives us all something to talk about!

    • Maison Bentley Style

      Does it come down to how we perceive beauty..or how we’re meant to see it..with the pretty girl next door looks – instead of drama and confidence? Somehow it feels really manufactured and wrong.. xxx

  4. redlipstickmama

    Yep – agree. Although I could not deny that some pieces were absolutely stunning it was all very safe and blah; I will probably forget all these dresses next week.

    • Maison Bentley Style

      What amazes me is they have this pressure to look good..amazing dresses on offer..and many still get wrong shapes for body type..or colours that wash them out..I mean..if you’re going to get it wrong..get it REALLY wrong!! xxx

  5. attireclub

    It is interesting how in the men’s fashion world, designers propose suits that are more and more colorful, yet the people on the red carpet still dress in white, black and the occasional blue. We feel however that this might change soon.

    Anyway, this was a nice retrospective to look at.

    • Maison Bentley Style

      I agree – I think this was the first high level event where I’ve seen men take risks – shorts?? Kevin Spacey in his blue definitely got my vote! I look at the Sapeurs and think..come on guys..if they can..why can’t you?! I hope things are going to change.. xxx