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Light touch x

Light mood, sunny day, perfect design.

Made with the absence of hype.

And silence is such a rare commodity.

(All pics Atelier Areti)

But these lights don’t need the bluster.


Laters, Kate x

Custom cool x


Want a beautiful light? Look no further than Rothschild & Bickers handblown offerings.


Available in a variety of options in colour, metal finish and flex style.



Charming, glorious with an authentic ambience.

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They’re high voltage candy.

Laters, Kate x

Thank you Dievca x


In response to my post about Mark Champkin’s flower lights, the lovely Dievca sent me a link to Studio Drift’s Shylights at the Rijks Museum in Holland. I’m so grateful because they are a wonder to behold…

02-drift-shylight c1a16b649e18d5a06c3e5cf29bc7b6c5

I thoroughly recommend watching the film they made during the making process: The attention to detail, the care…the joy.

Laters, Kate x

Innovation x


How about this for a super cool design: A light that opens up like a flower..and closes again.


It’s the work of the Science Museums Inventor-in-residence, Mark Champkins. Inside the petals are bi-metallic strips – a sandwich of copper and steel.  The copper responds to the heat of the bulb by expanding, the steel doesn’t, resulting in the realistic bend.


Whilst I love it, It’s small and I’m not convinced it’s working to it’s true potential..Just imagine it as collection together designed as a blossomed branch huge chandelier..



Or inside a large eye-filling glass pendant: Three in a row over a kitchen island unit…heaven.

Laters, Kate x

Curtain call: Design hero..


I’ve been trying to write this post all morning and failing miserably – head is all over the place as really, all I want to do is start nesting in the new spaces and get them ready for Easter/before the kids break up.  But there is a subject that’s caught my eye: The Great Interior Design Challenge has just finished on BBC 2 and it was compulsive viewing (for good and bad reasons) for anyone interested in the story telling of interiors. The overall winner was Sarah Mitchenall who’s designs were a true delight to the eye – she excelled at rooms where the raw ingredients appeared completely wrong (the orange medieval room par example)  – but the end mixes proved to be both balanced and exhilarating with Everest sized visual impact and inherent cool.

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Like the greatest creatives and raconteurs she has the power to dazzle with what is simply there and squeezing it to it’s enth degree, stepping out of the box, defying convention and believing in what just works.


All these pics are taken from her visual treat of a Pinterest page  under the name Black Parrots  – named after the company Black Parrots Studio she has co-founded on the back of her winning success.


Luckily for us mere mortals the company isn’t limited to just designing interiors: They already have their own lighting with the aim to design more products, wallpaper, textiles and more.

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Look how the stem becomes the flex, and the flex becomes the stem. Genius: Definitely one to watch.

Laters, Kate x

The Kitchen..


Hard to believe..but the kitchen is actually in!! We have a fully functioning oven, sink, taps, hot water tap and fridge-freezer!!!…having said that, it’s still needs it’s handles (they’ve been in various solutions to age them over the weekend and are due to go on today – until they do, there’s no way to open the dishwasher which has sat there, tantalising us…) There’s also the painting of the skirting boards, splash back to be fitted, removal of builders equipment, the addition of a table….and then there’s unpacking the old kitchen. But ignoring all of this – it’s a triumph!! Proper pictures will be taken  rather than this sneak peak – but doing a reveal now feels like sending out an opera singer to Covent Garden in just her underwear…chances are it’s been done..but would you want it to be done??!


But all the lights are up and deserve closer scrutiny – this is the brass chandelier as talked about here, now hanging low over what will be the dining room table, opposite the fireplace/mirror.  It’s on a dimmable switch which really brings out the details of the edison style light bulbs when they’re dimmed down. I like the austerity of it’s shape with the bonus that if you want to add glass droplets – or ivy at Christmas, you can.

This ornate number is in the hall. The idea is that the intricate ironwork relates to the black of the crittal glass doors arriving soon, but softens the harsher straight lines.


This is one of a pair of wall lights above the fireplace and either side of a large mirror. The design is very simple but the shadows if gives are beautiful.  Again, it’s on a dimmable switch which turns the glow to almost candlelight for cosy, shadow dancing evenings.


And these are my unique and gorgeous babies – I commissioned them from the highly talented  master canal artist Terence Edgar, they’re proper, original milk churns that the builder’s have cunningly adapted into pendants by removing the bottoms and putting a hole for the flex in the lid, and then hung with brass chandelier chain. I am a huge fan of folk art and feel very privileged to have these stunning examples of canal art as the focal point to the kitchen.


The light they give is magical – like beams of sunlight on the work surface below.


Though they all have similar features, each one is subtly different: On one side is a word..


On the other is a typical canal art scene.


And the three are hung so that ‘love’ and ‘live’ face out..


But laugh always belongs to the cook..

Laters, Kate x

A Progress Report: Blue Notes..


Things are changing daily..the lights: wall lights/pendants/milk churns are all up (I think they deserve a separate post..)


But here’s a sneak peak: This pic was taken last week..much has changed since then..but more later..


Down below in the underworld is where decisions are still taking place: The DVD-storage-provider-fireplace now has it’s hinged camouflage grill in place, completing the look..I LOVE it.


The TV needs to be mounted so the wall needed to be painted…and so the polymorphing paint trials started again.  Sigh. The aim was for dark blue with grey undertones to link in with a big rug coming in.  A blue shouldn’t be a hard colour to find, I thought – classic, straight forward..simple. The sample on the wall looked great – dark, velvety, petroly even – perfect!…except when I painted it on the fireplace wall…it was green. OH.NO.NOT.AGAIN (Yet look at the picture…blue…) but honest to God it was a dark, Victorian green…and looked OK..just not…right – too harsh – too green (I think colours are harder to nail when it’s a room with no natural light, but I am starting to wonder if colour blindness can be brought on by renovations and old age..) Arggghhhhhhhh!


So it was back to inspiration pics..

7600ff539b366ad034244ce6450c15ccb432a4234f23b2de345dd26f6881ae73 IMG_0356

Back to the rug..


Back to the DIY shop…with the decision that if paint could change, then the exploitation of it should be a controlled decision.  I went determined for a smokey blue that could almost be grey, but could be mistaken for a bruised lavender. And I went avoiding all the ‘branded’ paint with their promises of perfection, approaching the much cheaper Valspar range with their choice of 2000 colours…knowing to only trust my eye.


The result is a joy: A summer thunderstorm, the mist on a mountain..the light at dusk.


And look how the bare mdf looks in the pics…like the perfect just plastered putty pink! It’s the next colour to track down..that and a complementing grey..

Wish me luck.

Laters, Kate x

Light up my Life x


Ah! The potent joys of a holiday to Kent, where each time we visit I think I’ve cracked the lack of internet, only to fail miserably again and again..until the only option is to (with natural great regret) down tools entirely and embrace the holiday spirit and a world without computers.  Needless to say, it was a walk along the path to bliss! But more on Kent another day..both pre and post trip I’ve been obsessed with the light for our new dining room. Much to my own surprise, having looked at various 1950’s and 70’s lights with their cool drama, I went for this classic flemish brass number.  It was the cost shape that made it stand out..over a metre tall and two tiered, like a Christmas tree (imagine decorating with ivy, fir and baubles. Sigh) but it was in a pretty sorry state and covered in a dark varnish much loved in the 1940’s that now just detracted, like a bad fitting nun’s habit from it’s simple lines and austerity appeal.


But how to clean it? Pinterest proved to be a wealth of info and basically there were two options – making a paste with vinegar and baking powder or soaking it in nail varnish remover.  Not being sure how much nail varnish remover would be required to fill the bath and dubious about the effect of remover on electric wiring, I opted for the first choice.


The vinegar and baking soda bubbled up beautifully when mixed together and had the additional benefit of the evocative scent of a down town chippie.


It was  slathered on and left to simmer gently.


The result? A huge, stinking, smelly mess…and no noticeable change.


Undeterred, Plan B went into action: Cotton wool pads soaked in nail varnish remover and wrapped around the light like a mummy.


It definitely made a difference, but didn’t shift the deeper stains which even elbow grease couldn’t budge.


Returned to instructions…and to give them their due, they did say to use very fine steel wool with the nail varnish remover.


And when I finally got hold of some (slack..always make sure you have required tools before you start) it was like magic..the black literally evaporated away. From this..


To this.


Like Cinders from the ashes, she’s turned into a real beaut! Now I just need to source some of those vintage, edison-like-filament bulbs that have been popping up everywhere..pray they do them in this size…but knowing my luck…they’ll cost more than the light!

Laters, Kate x



Tickled Pink x


Rebecca Wilson is a young sculptor domiciled in Scotland with a cheeky sense of humour.


With her jewellery range she’s become the burlesque dancer of adornment.

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Not that jewellery is the only thing she does..take this light, titled ‘Many hands make light work’


Beautifully cast in glow loving porcelain.


Or this one…inspired by jammy dodgers..


And temptingly called ‘Light snack’


Rebecca takes pleasure in looking at the humble objects of life – like these matches – and wants to see our reaction when she alters them either by material, situation or size..she wants to understand, why does our reaction then change?

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It’s honesty and frivolity glued together with the luxury of porcelain and talent.

Just delicious.

Laters, Kate x