Light it up x

Planning out the study has become my default setting with the spotlight of attention now focused on lighting, which at present is an issue in the room:  Unlike the other ceilings in the house which are Victorian high, the ceiling in the study, mainly because of its position on a mezzanine level in the back overlooking the garden, is lower. So sadly a large, feature light is out of the head-hitting-question.

Which is a shame, because oversized standout lights are rather delicious.

But then the symmetrical scales fell away from my eyes: Who says a main light has to be in the middle of a room? And why, like we do in kitchens over tables, can’t a light be strategically placed over a desk? And even if the central symmetry does add something (love a bit of symmetry), why can’t a cunning hook in the ceiling direct a beautiful fabric cable to just over the desired spot? Allelujah!

(A sort of reverse of this really (Note the carefully positioned photo to disguise his bruising on the left side from continual light bashing))

And so the magical world of lighting has opened up again…

(All pics Pinterest)

(Except if I’m totally honest, whilst I love this mental breakthrough enough to share it, the desk is going to be opposite the central  window…and it riases the question, would a light block out the light? Would it actually be an oxymoron in physical form?)


I fear More thought is needed..


Laters, Kate x


  1. MELewis

    Lighting has got to be THE hardest thing to get right! I made the mistake of going for aesthetics on many occasions and have found that while it looks great, there is just not enough light for working or on the contrary there is too much direct light! And dimmer switches should be de rigueur!

  2. estherchandler

    Hmm. I think there is actually a window (covered by a blind) in that picture with the dark built in desk (with the 2 black drum shades). It looks good but I would definitely want the natural light to come in! Perhaps some clever sort of moving/sliding hook arrangement, or a rise and fall light?