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Statement x

I always love a statement light, even more so if it looks the bang but has a brilliant price point, so lightsandlamps has been a bit of a discovery. Take this pic – a heart beating fusion of past glamour and slick contemporary all for £169.

(All pics Pinterest and lightsandlamps)

And there are plenty more where that one came from.

Laters, Kate x

Light it up x

In the back of my mind I’ve been thinking about these lights ever since my sister-in-law Sue said they had a problem with the lights over their kitchen table because there’s no way to put a pendant in.  Their attraction is multilayered: Many are fixed to the wall rather than a ceiling, there’s the brooding statement wow factor, the multidirectional angles plus playful shadows and that cunning ability to move the arms at whim.

(All pics Pinterest)

Add in a dimmer switch and I’m sold.

Laters, Kate x