Black Doors..


Have you noticed how black and green compliment each other? The black seduces whilst the green just pops.


It’s why we decided to replace our dying doors with a simple, chic, metal alternative – this was the before picture.


This the after – it’s made a huge difference – the whole space feels bigger, more grounded..the garden now beckons.


And the black frames now link through with the crittall doors in the kitchen.


Using the following pics as inspiration, we’d like to paint the areas around the doors black as well…

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Can’t wait.

Laters, Kate x


  1. thelinencat & rockcottageyear

    Love it. I’m ‘stuck’ with Scandi white now, as it was the choice made 11 years ago, when I started doing up the house, but I often sit in my (white!) kitchen and dream of painting it all dark. It’d look amazing (as two of the walls are entirely made up of glass and look out onto the garden). Sadly, money doesn’t allow *sigh* but a girl can dream. Bxx

    • Maison Bentley Style

      I have a friend who is considering getting a pot of paint and painting hers – but I think they’re wood – would make it more do-able. And besides, the latest book I’m reading says that life goes too fast and dreams are good! xxx