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Totes amazing..

No metaphor represents the end of summer more than abandoned, once loved inflatables, lying discarded like an unwanted skins by over flowing bins, waiting to be hauled off to landfill. A couple of weeks pleasure in return for environmental chaos.  But one man’s poison is another man’s pleasure – for Georgia Wyatt-Lovell and her husband, Steve Lovell this is the perfect raw material for their bags at Wyatt and Jack.  From deckchairs in the big smoke, bouncy castles in the suburbs and lilos from the beaches, all are gathered together and given new life and new purpose.

(Particularly love this one, designed for bikers and doubles as a pannier. Genius.)

(All pics Wyatt and Jack, and Pinterest)

This is the sweet spot where design, practicality and awareness coincide.

And what a rich place that is.

Laters, Kate x

It’s Not You, It’s Me..


I love a brand that scoffs gently..it also helps if they’re independent, based in London, slightly mad and run by 3 ferocious, tongue-in-cheek, epigrammatic  gals.


Its not me its you was started by Billi, Jems and Kitty in 2012.21e6a1b78be3857d7e9747efeb006da7 34d9545c0aa4d62da403decd5ecab723

Everything they produce is made and printed by hand in East London.



In a world where it’s too easy to be suffocated by a toxic brew of Vacuous style and pumped up plastic their italian leather crafted with care is a pot of gold at the end of a shimmering rainbow…complete with whimsy and fantastical animals..



Visceral, witty and flawlessly presented, they’re a class act.


(I secretly reckon this one reads ‘Kate loves the fearless’..just for me…)


I snort at them..and raise my glass..that’s a few more presents ticked off the December list..

Laters, Kate x

Swarm x


Over the next few months The Husband and I are planning a little re-vamp of our house:  We bought it over ten years ago as two flats and have spent much of that time doing various pretty major structural projects whilst juggling two babies.  Now it’s finally the time to give it a bit of a silky lustre and add those finishing touches – the fun bits I’ve been waiting oh-so-long-for – like finding a stained glass panel for the front door where the council security glass still remains..oh joy unbounded!


It means I’ve been spending far too long in our downstairs toilet where the old interior design mags live – I’m following the principal that if it’s old and I still like it, it’s passed the ‘test of time’ test with flying colours and will last forever more.  It was in a 2011 edition of Elle Decoration I found a small article about the artist Leslie Oschmann which caught my eye – she uses old canvases to make bags or to cover vintage chairs before sealing them with protective lacquer..


I love her whole aesthetic..taking something and making it more beautiful and useful.  Each piece exuding character and warmth.  These chairs make my heart sing.


Leslie originally came from the States where she worked with Companies such as Anthropologie before she took a complete life-style change, moving to Amsterdam, buying a bike and starting her own studio Swarm.

 ‘I learnt that I needed to get back to touching objects, not just trying to display or sell them..I missed the tactile’


What she does epitomises everything I love and want to embrace – classic, timeless quirky ideas with a touch of age used with care to make something both practical and beautiful that serenely stands out.


Shouldn’t be too hard then………

Laters, Kate x