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Pascale Monovoisin x

I like to think that way back, when the rules of the world were decided, there was a little subsection that was quietly written into stone which read, And for summer there will be a certain type of jewellery that will look and feel right, sing of sunshine, long days and blue skies. These pieces by Pascale Monovoisin belong to that heady group.

Is it the simplicity, the link to nature, the colours? Or is it that summer just makes choosing much easier, freer and organic?


Laters, Kate x

Funky and Fanciful x



There’s a serendipity when things that aren’t perfect just are.

KWJ-Lookbook-boxer-with-botanical-rings_1140_581_80 KWJ-Lookbook-man-wearing-pansies_1140_581_80

Like an unexpected marriage of colour, nostalgia and manipulation.

KWJ-Lookbook-native-indian-wearing-botanical_1140_581_80 KWJ-Lookbook-man-wearing-superfine_1140_581_80

But then would you expect any more from Karen Walker?


(I want this bow necklace. Like now…)

KWJ-Lookbook-boxer-with-botanical-pendant_1140_581_80 KWJ-Lookbook-woman-wearing-filigree_1140_581_80

The Queen of witchy powers, always willing to throw magic into the mix.  And cackle with glee at the results..

Laters, Kate x