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Pascale Monovoisin x

I like to think that way back, when the rules of the world were decided, there was a little subsection that was quietly written into stone which read, And for summer there will be a certain type of jewellery that will look and feel right, sing of sunshine, long days and blue skies. These pieces by Pascale Monovoisin belong to that heady group.

Is it the simplicity, the link to nature, the colours? Or is it that summer just makes choosing much easier, freer and organic?


Laters, Kate x

Le Weekend..

IMG_0338I made the huge decision to not touch the internet for the time we were away in Brighton so this gives me the first chance to say a very BIG thank you for all my birthday wishes! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
IMG_0343It was an amazing birthday..but I did take rather too many photos which has meant a massive editing session.  The weather was falling into autumn with storms, strong winds and outrageous clouds..far too much temptation for a mere mortal.

IMG_0330Rain, sun, blue, black all jumbled together.

IMG_0345 Within five minutes it would change again.

IMG_0346 IMG_0334IMG_0332 IMG_0331With reflecting water everywhere.


Was the vintage jeans shop successful?

IMG_3127I’ll tell you next post!

IMG_3098But the weekend was a true atmospheric delight!

Laters, Kate x