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What’s real?

I think I would like to live in a log cabin by water with honest furnishings and the simple things in life.  But there’s always the nagging thought – does life just look greener on the other side? Are you taking for granted the bits of urban grime that really make your heart sing? Or is living in the big smoke an assumption we all buy into?

Money is an assumption.  It now has no actual value other than the fact we all believe in it.  Take this dress – except that’s an assumption too because it’s really a nightie.  Are you prepared to accept that without questioning?

(All pics Toast)


These could all be multi-functional, year long investment buys – nightwear in the winter, day wear in the summer.  The only barrier is what you’ve been told. Or not.


Laters, Kate x

Free to Roam..


The wander-lust is strong today.  Despite spotting my first snowdrops on the way to school drop-off this morning, spring and summer still seem a long way off and the routine feels monotonous.


I just want to pack our bags and head off in a vintage jaguar with crinkled beige leather seats.


I don’t care if it’s a trip to the crisp, cold mountains.


But truth be told, I’d prefer somewhere with colour and sun.

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Somewhere where life is simple.

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It’s probably to much builders dust and not enough vitamin D..

Laters, Kate x