London Street Style..

IMG_1838The weather over the weekend was just sublime…blue, blue skies with a hint of cotton wool.  Shame The Husband wasn’t here to see it – he’s in China for a week (woke up to the earthquake headline on Sunday – had to double check to make sure he was far away – big country, thank God) but having him away certainly makes it tougher holding the fort and everything together….but not as tough as running the London Marathon..we headed to the South Bank to see the runners and meet up with family who were in London for the day..I couldn’t resist taking some pictures..


IMG_1857Commented on the smallest hotel in London before here – but I’ve now found a picture of the inside thanks to Gyneth Paltrow’s website Goop..and thankfully the end isn’t a bedroom..

roomforlondon-1Underneath, in utter contrast,  the building it sits on looks like this..

IMG_1855 IMG_1853IMG_1851Two minutes walk away is a regular Book Fair..

IMG_1850 IMG_1849 IMG_1848And buskers..IMG_1846 Lots of buskers doing their thang..IMG_1845This guy – Flame Proof Moth (you can just about make him out) was literally lying on a lounger in the Thames, strumming away..

IMG_1844 We watched in awe and respect at the mad people runners.  IMG_1839IMG_1841Spotted this guy was wearing the most amazing William Morris style sweatshirt..never seen anything like it…have William Morris on the brain at the moment..but that is ridiculous!

IMG_1842 Turned around and it was like the Queens jubilee all over again..without the rain.IMG_1840Charlie with his Auntie Sue.IMG_1852We want to say a huge congratulations to all that completed the race – in our eyes you are Gods – Our thoughts were also with Boston – being there really brought it all home xxx..and finally the crowds of supporters whom nothing could have put was incredible to be a part of and breathe it all in.

Laters, Kate x


  1. birdicatt

    Thanks for visiting again and the like. Really enjoyed these photos of London. Been decades since I left London but sure brings back lots of memories…….