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Update on Espadrille Competition: Due to various requests I’ve extended the deadline – Photos of creations to be submitted by Friday 23 May, winner announced Monday 26 May!



Mine have arrived – I ordered a white and a navy pair.  the white were a bit grey and disappointing – like six month old sports socks – so I took the plunge and sat them upside down in a bowl of bleach..worked perfectly! They are now a glow in the dark white.  In fact, if the above pictures float your boat, then check out ‘Bleach fashion’ on Pintrest – has some incredible offerings like how to make a bleach pen by leaving a yellow felt tip pen soaking in bleach for a day…….just think of the possibilities!

This pair were made with the a basic potato print!


Or there’s always the humble permanent marker…


Taking these YouKhanga shoes as inspiration, the options are deliciously  infinite…

Laters, Kate x

(All pictures Pintrest)




  1. Scott Mackenzie

    Thanks for extending the deadline. As soon as I find a pair, I know what I’m going to do. Just need to find some. And I’m on one of my “no on-line shopping” free time outs. So, will need to look around town. I like the Highlighter Bleach thingy. Sounds like fun. Thanks

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