Floored x


There was no dispute over which flooring to choose for the new cellar: It’s sisal all the way.


It’s not only such a natural look with an ancient, timeless quality….


(It’s a floor covering that’s been used for centuries)


But it’s also that smell – the flooring equivalent of cedar wood – which feels so grounding and calming. Nostalgic almost.

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I have The Husband off for a much needed days holiday today…so the lucky man is coming with me to browse samples and help make a final decision.


(If he chooses right we might just squeeze in a naughty lunch somewhere.  Promises, promises..)

Laters, Kate x


  1. dievca

    Ummm, I grew up with sisal and hated sitting on it. Loved the look, though. Might want to consider how the room is being used with the kids before purchase. 😉 XO