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The school term has begun which should be heralded with joy and relief except for me there’s always an element of wormwood and ashes: The early mornings, the sense of cramming round pegs into square holes, all the boxes to tick plus the tiredness, the flagging stamina interestingly mixed up with hockey socks, mouth guards, rugby boots, new shoes and never knowing exactly where to pick the kids up from each day.  The start was also a deadline for me..and I’m sort of there – I wanted the house to be running as smoothly as possible to give me free reign on another creative project – generally if I hand over my head to creative challenges the house collapses under the strain of chaos and constant trip-ups..this time I’m trying to learn the lesson and do my best to pre-empt them..hoho.


It’s not finished (when is a house ever??) but the study is sorted and everything filed away, there is now a runner made of kilims on the main stair, which I fitted in the same way as the cellar stairs here. Plus a bright newly painted yellow mirror right at the top of the stairs.


The sitting room is almost back to normal, painted a very chilled green (a few bits of skirting and one small bit of wall to go)


And the vintage media unit is hung..it just needs a few books and bits to bring it to life, but because it hangs rather than hogs, it really works.


The footstool went pink..it said pale pink on the packet..hmmmmmm..more like taramasalata..I’m thinking how to turn it down – maybe put it back in the washing machine with a packet of colour run??


And so it starts..

Laters, Kate x

More Stairs..Because..


The main kilim has arrived!

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And the one for the very top of the stairs..it’s amazing how much carpet you need for a flight of stairs..over 5 meters. The idea is to sew these all together to make one long run.


Someone asked the other day if I was worried that they weren’t official stair carpets.  It highlighted the fact that we’re a generation brought up on hype and brand –  instead of seeing products for what they are we now believe we need a specific shampoo for almost blonde hair or a cleaner for our pink toilets.  It’s all clever labelling and marketing just to part us from our hard earned cash because the truth is, as soon as these carpets are fitted to the stairs, that’s what they become.

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This is the final one to add to the patchwork…I’d post a picture of what they all look like but I’m still effing suffering from f*&*ing problems with the cr*p software update that Apple has inflicted on my s*dding computer: Another modern disease…built in obsolescence: updating what already works just because you can and to make more money. I need to become a hippy.


Laters, Kate x

Kilims on my mind..


You can’t beat a good rug. (Except of course you can..)


They work with anything, anywhere, quietly bringing soul and drama to a room.


Traditional or modern. It doesn’t matter.


I’ve been trying to source some as runners for our main stairs and cellar stairs.  It hasn’t been easy: No runner is long enough and narrow enough to fit a complete flight, so it’s about finding combinations that work together, fit together in size….and still make the heart sing.


The pair for the cellar have just arrived, prompting a nostalgic glance back at the cellar stair’s upwards progression…from this..


To this.


The kilims still need to be fitted properly…but I think that’s best done once the floor is down (May 3) and possibly after all the furniture is down.


But it’s progress….and I love it.

Laters, Kate x