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Controlled Chaos x

I wrote a post two years ago suggesting a future trend would be a move away from co-ordination and conformity.  The essence of that idea is still seeping into everyday with more and more products either openly embracing individuality or encouraging flexibility of use and imagination.  Granby Workshop, in many ways represents the essence of this movement, as demonstrated by their vitrified ceramic tiles.

Each one is unique and marbled together by hand then sliced and flattened in a 60 tonne hydraulic press.

(All pics Pinterest and Granby Workshop)


They stand alone. Or live and breathe together in a wonderful, moving, homogenous whole.

I love.

Laters, Kate x

Grounded x


Headboard (still undecided), side tables (sort of there) and now thoughts for a rug:  Since the advent of wall to wall carpets the rug has shrunk in popularity yet it’s design prowess can’t be denied.  It adds warmth, colour, texture and interest like the tail feathers of a particularly beautiful bird of paradise. A rug, like the one above, can pull together two different pieces of furniture by linking them together on a shared bit of floor.

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(All pictures Pinterest)

Judging by these pictures, pink tones is the subconscious way to go…

Laters, Kate x

One, Two, Three, Floor x


Before I go any further, can I just say how much I love my parquet floors – they’re warm, characterful and if they were a food they’d be a perfectly cooked, melt in the mouth steak.  But there is another type of floor I would happily embrace, particularly in bathrooms: Terrazzo – A centuries old technique of mixing up marble, granite or quartz chippings with a cementitious binder, which is then polished to a fine shine.


The advantage of this technique is the ability to make anything from the mixture – it’s like the architectural version of play doh. Imagination (and possibly good taste) are the only limits to it’s capabilities.



It can be big and brash, laden with special effects: patterns, glittery bits and brass inlays.063a8ea106b5b54b5fe22e6cc8e72318 15f4db96ed0dc8f85e66d807bef5c568 ded3ce73d98ad72576cef463864ba1e2

Or it can be discreet, quietly accepting the continual pounding of life with extreme confidence, forever remaining constant. Qualities to value.


It also (and I speak from confidence here – this was the floor in my Grandparents house in Greece for many years) never shows the dirt.

Effectively it’s floor rock n roll.

Laters, Kate x

Floored x


There was no dispute over which flooring to choose for the new cellar: It’s sisal all the way.


It’s not only such a natural look with an ancient, timeless quality….


(It’s a floor covering that’s been used for centuries)


But it’s also that smell – the flooring equivalent of cedar wood – which feels so grounding and calming. Nostalgic almost.

9ec9d2348d66e53dff4961b9537407ff hr2924042-26

I have The Husband off for a much needed days holiday today…so the lucky man is coming with me to browse samples and help make a final decision.


(If he chooses right we might just squeeze in a naughty lunch somewhere.  Promises, promises..)

Laters, Kate x

Thing of Beauty 3

Looking at a beautiful floor lets me breathe..it’s like visual porn for the mind’s eye.  The best are not glossy, gossip columns but tell a story, wearing their battle scars with pride and an undeniable polishing of age.  My ultimate joys are marbled mosaic floors as found in St Pauls Cathedral, the Victorian tessellated floors like those found here in the UK and possibly my favourites: Encaustic cement floor tiles from places such as Cuba, France and Italy..the artisanal flair, patterns and colours are literally chocolate for my soul.  I can understand if people find them ‘too seventies’ or too dominant…..but come into my world…see if I can change your mind..

inside-havana-kitchen-tile inside-havana-floor-tile-1

cuban-tile-livingroom-book cuban-tile-3 hacienda-yaxcopoil-office Egyptian-Tile-Up-Stairs

cuban-tile-in-key-westAnd a true font of knowledge and know-how is an amazing website called Villa Lagoon Tiles based in the States where all the pictures on this post came from.  They collect pictures and information and best of all, make these tiles. Go loose yourself in their website..the options and designs are both endless and fascinating..I was lucky enough to order tiles from them for our bathrooms..but I still head back whenever I need a creative fix to see what new ideas they have come up with.They can copy old tiles or you can choose from their classics range..the following are from their Cuban heritage section.  I literally die.

w-CH-220-1B-example-tile-fl w-CH-110-2B-example-tile-fl w-CH-110-1C-example-tile-fl

Floor-of-the-Tour-Magdelacustom-nuevo-castillo-tile-4Or they have modern options..

saigon-post-office-floor-2sm sofia-bocassio-bathroom-til ikat-floor-tile-A-sm-VLT Ikat-Tile-floor-B-smVLT Ikat-tile-C-floor-smVLT Ikat-floor-tile-D-smVLT layout-ikat-tile-rug fret-tiles-angled oxford-exchange-tampa-VLT custom-nuevo-castillo-tile-4 SKYLINE-01D SUNSET-01DI’m feeling the need for renovation coming on..

Laters, Kate x

What do you see?

Last night I was waiting for my daughter’s gym session to finish when I looked down.IMG_1549And then I realised that all week I had been taking pictures of nothings yet somethings.

IMG_1548The steps at Victoria Station..

photo 1-2The pavements lined with gold.

IMG_1613A well-aged parquet floor.  Which got me thinking about marble chip floors…..except I never see them in this country…I looked down in Sainsburys..IMG_1590And the floor in Anna’s toilet!

IMG_1391The floor in our ensuite.

IMG_1628Our bathroom floor.


Because where ever you are, there is beauty in the ordinary.

Laters, Kate x