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Shagged x


Needing a natural rug? One with a bit of an edge? Something a little different?



Well, hold the doors, because when it comes to floors, Tate and Darby are a little treasure trove: A design-led ethical brand, they believe in finding the balance between design being accessible to all against ensuring all their artisans are fairly paid. Their rugs are designed in the UK and then woven by skilled craftsmen and women in Morocco and India, which means a further flavour of marrying contemporary and traditional that touches everything they do and makes them quietly sing like a beautifully rung handmade bell.


(All pics Tate and Darby and Pinterest)

Ding. Dong.

Laters, Kate x

Floored x


There was no dispute over which flooring to choose for the new cellar: It’s sisal all the way.


It’s not only such a natural look with an ancient, timeless quality….


(It’s a floor covering that’s been used for centuries)


But it’s also that smell – the flooring equivalent of cedar wood – which feels so grounding and calming. Nostalgic almost.

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I have The Husband off for a much needed days holiday today…so the lucky man is coming with me to browse samples and help make a final decision.


(If he chooses right we might just squeeze in a naughty lunch somewhere.  Promises, promises..)

Laters, Kate x