Holly go brightly..

Main staircase to Goethe Institute Princes Gate | Architect: Sir Charles James Freake |

Today marks the last Monday of term and school prize day – a day to avoid if ever there is one.  I swore last year, after three hours of clapping in heavy, muggy heat that I would never go again – and that was after the mornings two hour session.  But, there’s no emotional escape from the kids need to know you’re there..in world economics it’s a price too high to pay not to go, so it’s time to slap on the smile and don the nonchalance for one more time. I’ll be sitting there, checking out the colour combinations and trying to work out why some things work that really shouldn’t..and the reverse.

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SE surfaces Torvaldsen


Think of me.

Laters, Kate x


  1. artfulblasphemer

    My granddaughter graduated from kindergarten and good heavens….all three classes had to “sing” (and I use the term SO loosely) two songs, then each child had to get their “diploma” (used even more loosely, if possible)….all while we sat at sticky, uncomfortable cafeteria tables.