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White Shirts..


When I first saw these, I knew they were not your average shirts.


7 shirts, one for each day of the week, inspired by Victorian and vintage blouses and made from a very specific fabric made of cotton and linen with a soft texture that holds volume.  Designed by the Parisienne designer Atlantique Ascoli they scream style and understated cool.


What appeals is the need to take a second look: The different lines, curves where straight ones should be, the impeccable tailoring, the unexpected twists like attention to the back all wrapped up with a traditional bow.

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I am far away from this kind of life but it’s a clever and remarkably simple idea..seven outfits for seven days – do we really need any more? Maybe this needs to be the guiding factor at the core of summer wardrobe planning….rich food for thought…

Laters, Kate x