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The Dirty Shirt x

The true version of sexy isn’t bandeau dresses and containment, in both the physical and metaphorical sense.  It’s suggestion and just the right number of buttons left undone. And what better way to achieve that than with the humble shirt?

(All pictures Pinterest)

(Time to raid the husband’s wardrobe…)

Laters, Kate x

A Modern Old Soul..


Atlantique Ascoli started with a quest to find the perfect blouse and using an innate confidence in simplicity and with a lightness of touch came up with a genius collection of seven pure white shirts..one for each day of the week. Each had a different hint of vintage and all had the suggestion of a well-run laundry and the smell of hot iron against soft, worn cotton.  Now she’s expanding her palette..


The lines still remain classic, pragmatic and lovely..


Non-fussy yet feminine.


Discreetly charming with crisp lines and delicate gathers but there’s more choice in colour and style.


(All pictures from Net-a-porter.com)

It’s the stuff dream wardrobes are made of..the sort of clothes I wish I could cut out and keep. Instead, I can just gulp at the prices, admire the aesthetic and take the inspiration to look at my own wardrobe with new eyes – to see if I actually have 7 days worth of outfits..and for the UK that means 7 for sun..and 7 for rain…and maybe find out where the holes are…

Laters, Kate x

Chambray love..


Soft, louche, lounging and easy..

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Could this be the ultimate denim dress? The cuffs are to die for..


(All pictures J.Crew)

Timeless pieces that quietly scream elegant summer living..

Laters, Kate x