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A Modern Old Soul..


Atlantique Ascoli started with a quest to find the perfect blouse and using an innate confidence in simplicity and with a lightness of touch came up with a genius collection of seven pure white shirts..one for each day of the week. Each had a different hint of vintage and all had the suggestion of a well-run laundry and the smell of hot iron against soft, worn cotton. ┬áNow she’s expanding her palette..


The lines still remain classic, pragmatic and lovely..


Non-fussy yet feminine.


Discreetly charming with crisp lines and delicate gathers but there’s more choice in colour and style.


(All pictures from Net-a-porter.com)

It’s the stuff dream wardrobes are made of..the sort of clothes I wish I could cut out and keep. Instead, I can just gulp at the prices, admire the aesthetic and take the inspiration to look at my own wardrobe with new eyes – to see if I actually have 7 days worth of outfits..and for the UK that means 7 for sun..and 7 for rain…and maybe find out where the holes are…

Laters, Kate x