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Stampede x

The Bucket List: The things you think will happen one day but never will unless you set them in action, such as having an inspirational workplace like French graphic designer, Aurelien Dabat.

His is the stuff dreams are made of: In Marseille, not far from the sea, industrial with woodworking machines, not precious but creatively alive with fellow creatives – architects, designers and a painter.

A more instantly achievable bucket list option at around £20 is Aurelien’s Stampville –  the retro style box contains 25 woodbacked stamps in an assortment of graphical shapes and textures ripe for exploration and flights of fancy.

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The only additional requirement is imagination.


Laters, Kate x

Easters Hols..

This is the last full day of term. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! Time for books to be put aside and real life to start.  These are a few of the projects on the list…

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Now we play!

Laters, Kate x

Ikat x

The word ‘ikat’ derives from the Malay-Indonesian word ‘mengikat’ which translates as to tie or bind.

The creative process is an oxymoron where the finished result is a blurred image but the techniques are complex requiring tying, dyeing, untying, re-tying and dying again of the multiple threads in precise colours and positions.

The finished work is fluid, vibrant and capture a certain spirit.

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Colourful shadows in a neon-lit world.

Laters, Kate x

Flashbulb x


Is it too late for New Years resolutions? The dust has finally settled and now I know what I’d like to do…keep a sketch book.  I have a words/ideas book (which apparently is the classic sign of an introvert – who knew?) to keep treasures like assonance and sibilance that otherwise would float away.  But a book of dabblings and drawings? If this Blog is a collection of thoughts and sources of inspiration, then a sketchbook would be those thoughts made physical. I think it’s a calling….

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Laters, after an arty online shop for supplies, Kate x

Sculpted x


I’m re-cycling this post because I love it x

Great Art is like a chemical reaction in the blood, sparking signals to swell the brain and heart with waves of love and wonder.  So it is with the ceramics of Fenella Elms.


Another feather in her talented cap: She never started her professional life as a Potter, working instead in mental health as an occupational therapist.

‘I’d always joked that one day I would become a potter.  And then ten years ago, for my 40th birthday, my husband bought me a wheel.’



She did an art foundation at Swindon College follwed a year later by a part-time HNC-level course in ceramics. Who knows what would’ve happened to a fledgling Fenella and whether she needed to treat down her other path first: She’d always enjoyed pottery at school but couldn’t see how to make a career out of it.  But the mature, newly graduated Fenella immediately started winning awards including  the Ceramic Review Award for Exceptional, Innovation and Challenging work at the Ceramic Art London exhibition.


Organic, living, breathing  her work crosses the boundary between manmade and nature.


‘The approach I make to porcelain isn’t so different to my psychoanalytic practice; It’s all about the subconscious , where things aren’t forced or contrived.  I do masses of preparation and drawing, then I put it all aside and wait to see what emerges.’

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Her studio is based in Wiltshire, in  a converted milking parlour, which speaks of beauty, age, space and peace: ‘I enjoy looking at the world around me.  It’s nice realising that all the time I spent staring at the details of plants or ripples in water was for a reason.’


Laters, Kate x

For Kirsty With Love x


Because caring is sharing: This is the stunning work of New Zealand artist, illustrator and overall creative, Kirsty Warman who I’ve been a fan of since I first saw and followed her Blog. I’ve been dying to do a Blog post on her..but I didn’t think it would take this direction…


Just recently, Kirsty was approached by VIDA, the Google venture backed ecommerce platform that brings together designers and makers from around the world to create original and inspiring fashion in a socially conscious way.  They wanted Kirsty to collaborate with them to turn her Art into clothes – and it’s happening..right now!static1.squarespace-1

Over the next week, if her designs hit the 3+ orders each, VIDA will produce her unique designs..how cools is that?


Furthermore, for every VIDA product produced, the company pledges to help the makers in Karachi, Pakistan with literacy programmes.  It’s a win, win..

static1.squarespace-3 At around $40 USD this is too good to miss..and add VIDA VOICES at the checkout and you even get a 20% discount..static1.squarespace-4

Click here to sale effortlessly through to her shop..you know you want too!

I’ll see you there..

Laters, Kate x




 From this..


To this..I finally finished it last night.  I wanted the colours to be stronger, the contrasts greater, more representative of Sam alive than as a memory – I felt I was being a bit careful, almost precious before.  Little things have been added – there’s roses in her hairband, and the red of her lips was from a picture of Kate Moss in a red see-through dress, her nose smoothed out.   But it’s all a balance – I’m now looking at her eyebrows thinking there’s a big contrast between the black of the first picture and this one.  But that could be the different light and the camera as I haven’t changed them, possibly the photo sucking in the matt density of the paint rather than the charcoal – her face also looks whiter, except it isn’t..however I can’t control the urge  to go and check all these points out…sometimes the hardest thing is knowing when to stop..

Laters, Kate x

P.S. More information about the history of this picture here.