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We spent a few days in the brilliant city of Bristol over Easter, enjoying the street food and vintage shops.  I was truly surprised by what caught my wandering eye – an electric/purple blue Hawaiian shirt for fifteen squids.  It stopped me in my tracks with visions of pairing it with a loose navy suit with sleeves rolled up eighties style and a loose but narrow pair of 3/4 length trousers.  It was vivid and powerful and sadly not shared by my two children who dragged me away.

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But I think it has legs.

Laters, Kate x

Cornwall x

We’ve blown away the winter cobwebs with a week with family in beautiful Cornwall.

We were incredibly lucky with the weather.  Each day the sky was kingfisher blue, though it was a matter of how hot your blood was whether you braved the cold of the spring sea..

The surf gang preparing to face the waves. Note Grandpa Jack behind in three coats, hat..and eventually gloves!

And in!

Cousin love.

This was the natural rock pool close to where we were staying on Treyarnon Bay, large enough to swim in…

(There was this framed postcard of the very spot at the cottage. Shows it even better.)

Watergate Bay and meeting with friends.

The perfect natural slate plate for the perfect hot dog: Barbie on Constantine Bay.

And then a cheeky seagull actually stole a hot sausage off the barbie!

Impromptu wine chiller.

Bruce heading to the surf.

Sophie-bond-girl-extraordinaire following suit.

Charlie and Lexie.

Finding sea diamonds.

At a diamond place.

Laters, Kate x

First Craft x

Monday madness, first day of the hols and the sun was shining…we spent it in the garden with lovely friends marbling everything we could find.

We used these marbling inks from Brian Clegg for £9.50, ordered from Ebay..

(Plus the metallic set of 10 for the same price…they added a certain sparkle)

They couldn’t have been easier to use – drop on to water, mix with a skewer if you fancy, lay paper on top then peel off and dry..

The results were impressive.

This could be the wallpaper for the downstairs toilet..

So easy, so joyful!

Laters, Kate x

Easters Hols..

This is the last full day of term. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! Time for books to be put aside and real life to start.  These are a few of the projects on the list…

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Now we play!

Laters, Kate x

Easter x


(Bella Spring cleaning her room)

So how was Easter?? Not that it’s quite over here yet…kids go back to school tomorrow..but it’s been – needed to be – a quiet, simple time for us just gently shuffling to the waltz of life with two steps forward…three steps back.

But it’s been a hurrah for moral depravity – early on we lost all the electrical sockets upstairs due to a fault with our tumble dryer which took a while to track down…which meant no washer, no alarm computer.  Such a shame.  I personally saw it as proof of the after life and a neon message from above to say opt out: If you were a decorator, you’d have all day to paint. If you were a cleaner, you’d be left to remove 6 months of builder’s dust.  If you were a nanny, that would be your job.  If you were a writer, at least you’d have a job title.  To do all four at once is quite frankly disgraceful and flashy…give up now. So I gave up blogging..

Progress after the builders has been made – the hall is now painted, the cellar is nearly done, but the house is still in great upheaval, mainly because rooms can’t be sorted until various cupboards are painted (which is a god forsaken task and takes time) and carpets are down (due end of April) at which point the spare room can be unpacked.



But actual Easter was delicious: 32 members of the family together at my brother and sister-in-laws for the long weekend.  Pretty special. We have three big traditions: Decorating hard boiled eggs for the ‘best dressed egg’ competition.


Charlotte with her trophy! An egg hunt in the garden…


Followed by an egg race using newspaper thwackers to hit said eggs around a cunningly designed course, avoiding the moving obstacle of hungry dogs. Old, blind, Molly wasn’t such a issue…but Olly ran away with Charlie’s egg..there were tears..


All the cousins together..

The period also coincided with The Husband working ridiculous hours (back at 2..up at 6). For most people (read me) this would eventually result in a weeping, gelatinous heap in a far corner.  He goes the other way – the insert for the cutlery drawer? sorted.  A new recycling bin? found and ordered.  Someone to pick up the backlog of washing and ironing after socket disaster? I let out an unprovoked shriek when they appeared at the door.  The missing knob to the le cruset dish? We now have a new one.  I’m thinking pace and recharge whilst he’s spinning faster and faster, I’m just Hoping I’ll be in a fit state to catch him when he falls…

And then I went to write this post..and discovered he had updated the whole computer ‘to make it run faster’ much so it didn’t even recognise the took me twenty minutes to download the new software to get them speaking again.  I went to add photos…and realised, before I could I would need to download my entire photo library again….The truth is I actually wrote this post last week…

Two steps forward…three steps back…


Laters, Kate x

Kent, Part 2



This is Warmer Castle, firmly re-named Windy Castle by the kids and you can see why.  They get dragged here every time we’re in the area as it’s one of my favourite places ever.

4514805880_15480ca90e_z 4603944721_6c95f485bc_b

There’s the faded elegance inside (it’s also where the Duke of Wellington died).


And the gardens are glorious – typically formal English – but manage to be so natural you’re convinced the plants just wanted to grow this way anyway. And the view..sigh..there’s an uninterrupted vista all the way down to the sea..


We found a large dead frog in the pond..true excitement! I didn’t take a picture..

IMG_0525 IMG_0534 IMG_0530

It’s also really good for hide and seek..

IMG_0528 IMG_4798

Then we hit the hottest day of the year so far…time for a sandy to Camber Sands we went..


We weren’t the only people with this ingenious idea..


But this is a beach that soaks up people..the view the other side..

IMG_4812 IMG_4827

It also has one of the biggest tides I’ve ever seen..


You have to run..

IMG_4831 IMG_4836IMG_4864

And run!


But it’s worth it!


Then you have to run back again!

IMG_4851 IMG_4870

We found baby flat fish in the shallows..if you prodded them they spun away at great speed like disturbed underwater birds.

IMG_4871 IMG_4879

And a dead dog fish with impressive spines.

IMG_4883 IMG_4885 IMG_4895 IMG_4898

But just to show it’s not all happy families…this is Bella at the end of the day giving Charlie the evil eye for daring to enter her newly designed ferry without buying a ticket first..go on guys..just one smile for Mummy! Please?!

Laters, Kate x

Happy Easter!


As a child, Volker Kraft saw a beautiful paschal tree in his home town…and he wanted one.

easter eggs tree1

In 1965 his dream came true – his own tree with 300 odd eggs on it. Since then it has grown every year..

easter egg tree2

2015 will be the last year of the Saalfeld Easter tree..and the total is now 10,000 decorated eggs. One man’s madness, one man’s man’s joy.  I doff my flamboyant Easter bonnet to you sir…


Laters, Kate x

Go Ape! x


We’ve been soaking up the joys of Hampshire spending a delightful Easter with relatives, eating and drinking far too much with lovely people we haven’t seen for a long time which is what life should be about.  On the last day we dragged ourselves away from the festivities to meet up with good friends to ‘Go Ape’ in the New Forest trees…


 Aged between 4 and 7 our kids were impressively fearless…


 Tackling high-wire tracks with gusto that had many adults swaying with pure terror..


The end reward was a huge zip line..(Charlie was NOT convinced it was a wise idea the first time round – he was persuaded by the staff to give it a go..loved it – and went back for more!)


 Sometimes you only realise how high they all were when you see the little things down below..


(Photo by Filip)IMG_0730 IMG_0731IMG_4186


(This photo by Filip)

Serious fun for all the family!

Except with every Yin there’s alway a Yan…like returning home to the joys of sorting the holiday laundry and getting everything ready for back-to-school ..this is what my Barometer of Life looks like today…


Pay back…

Laters, Kate x

Happy Easter!! xxx


And what better way to celebrate Easter than with the coolest eggs ever?


These are by the celebrity Tattoo artist Scott Campbell who’s inked such illuminaries as Marc Jacobs, Helena Christensen and Penelope Cruz.


 Louisiana born Scott abandoned a career as a biochemist to follow his calling (you can just imagine what his parents thought..)


I love that he doesn’t consider skin his only artistic canvas – the street aesthetic of the Tattoo style works so brilliantly against the fragility of the ostrich egg.  The snakes and spiders feel like their about to hatch out and all the time there’s an on-going relationship between life and death.


 A lady..or a skull?


Refreshing to see talent respected for talent no matter what the roots.

Scott-Campbell-Ostrich-Eggs-9-600x478 Scott-Campbell-Ostrich-Eggs-12-600x473


  I find them utterly compelling.

Wishing you all a WONDERFUL Easter!

Laters, Kate x