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Greece 2018

What better way to embrace the autumn than with memories from the summer..the following are a few of the best from our soujourn in Greece where if there’s a theme running through it’s crystal water and the beauty of clouds. And the fact that for a whole month my kids only wore one swimming costume…


Laters, Kate x

Camping x

It’s been half term already and we’ve been camping with friends.

Living the simple life in a field, blowing giant bubbles.

Can you tell we enjoyed it??

We weren’t far from the coast.

And next to the site was a high ropes playground..

Including a terrifying giant swing!

Truly the stuff of nightmares!

As was our departure.  Not a sight you want to see…..we lost the car keys in the long grass on the first day.  But it was OK as we kindly got driven back to London to fetch the spare set.  Except we got hit by a super-storm…Damp got in (She’s 19 years old) and short circuited the electrics so the spare key wouldn’t work…and the manual key? Was part of master key that got lost! At least once we got in we were able to drive away, which was more than the car behind us – they’d lost all their keys, including their house keys and had to be towed away from the campsite!


Laters, Kate x

Greece Part 4


It’s pouring with rain here..time to return to summer memories of the sun.

IMG_0678 IMG_0679 IMG_0676 IMG_6408

This was the evening of our fifteenth wedding anniversary with an obligatory, if rare selfie.


My parent’s had decided to stay an extra day and had moved to this beautiful hotel in the middle of Leonidio town.


Full of antiques and curiosities, beautifully done…a real gem.


We sat around their pool for an aperitif and watched as 20 or more bats from the red mountains dipped into the pool for a cooling evening drink.


Bella was none to pleased at being ‘forced’ to wear a dress for the occasion.


Not even a cuddle from Daddy helped. It was a lovely evening though..we went into the town..


And found this incredible shop run by a mother and daughter who, in amongst the washing up liquid and Ajax sold all their own homemade produce including jams, honey, capers..and a spirit made from Aubergine! They’d just bake a whole tray of almond biscuits which they proceeded to hypnotise us with..honestly some of the best biscuits I’ve ever eaten.  We stocked up on all sorts.  Our meal was equally memorable..in a little square, with one long table full of local friends who were musicians, happily playing, singing and dancing.  Pure magic.


The next day we waved good bye to my parents who were off to meet their Greek son-in-law for a trip to the theatre at Epidauvros, and returned to our favourite beach/taverna.  On the way there Bella said she didn’t want to go as she wanted a sandy beach..the Gods heard her for when we got there, it was! Large waves had rolled in and taken all the round pebbles away..
IMG_0639 IMG_0643

Then the waves rose up again..which the children loved.

IMG_0651 IMG_0680 IMG_0681 IMG_0682 IMG_0684 IMG_0626 IMG_0628 IMG_0627 IMG_6419

During this time, we’d spend the mornings at the pool whilst the husband was on the phone/internet, going through a nightmare with work.  And then we’d head out for somewhere for lunch, dragging him with us.  The problem was there were no facilities at the villa complex – nowhere to get an ice cream or drink and no taverna within walking distance.  We were reliant on the apartment, the internet, the car and on him.


Having lunch at Plaka..Charlie decided he was going to jump off the pier..


Which he did!


But then he got really upset that Bella didn’t jump in with him and started throwing a paddy, screaming and hitting the water – all the locals thought he was drowning..and were wondering why his parents weren’t jumping in after him..we stayed a safe distance away.


The screams got even louder when we saw there were ducks in the water with him!

IMG_6446 IMG_6470IMG_6426

And then we lost the internet.  The husband really thought he’d have to return home..he needed the car to back to Athens..but we couldn’t manage without a car.


So we re-packed the cases, in case he had to fly back..


Rang my parents who were now back at Spetses and explained we needed refuge..we could return to Athens under our own steam from there..and it had internet.


And made our way back to Spetses!


It wasn’t exactly a hardship.

Laters, Kate x

In England’s green and pleasant land..


We spent the Bank Holiday weekend with family in the light, clean air of the country, marvelling at the fresh greens and bright colours of early summer, whiling away happy hours reading papers that got read, drinking wine and watching dogs happily snoring in the sun.


Their’s is a garden that represents all that is good about England; It’s a place were time stands still yet life buzzes around.


It’s a joy just to walk around and breathe in.



And the children love the freedom of space..

IMG_5331 IMG_5332 IMG_5335 IMG_5343 IMG_5351

(Taken just for Lauren..)

IMG_5355IMG_5354IMG_5347IMG_5382IMG_5372 IMG_5356 IMG_5358 IMG_5329

They have the most amazing tree..


Like something straight out of Doctor Seuss and The Lorax..


I loved it..made me giggle and sigh.



There was much playing of football with cousins and dogs till the sun went down.  Gentle, simple..heavenly.

Laters, Kate x

Gorgeous Greece..


We travelled back home from gorgeous Greece yesterday (up at 8, started driving at 9.30..got to the airport at 5.00 pm..then flight delayed..home in London at 2 am) so rather hollow-eyed this morning – the world is still swaying, but it was so worth it..we had a truly magical time..who could’t?

IMG_1098IMG_1106 IMG_4359 IMG_4379 IMG_4382 IMG_1126 IMG_4418 IMG_4446 IMG_4426 IMG_4445


A post with more sense to follow soon!

Laters, Kate x

Charlie’s Story..


Today is Charlie’s fifth birthday and running underneath his uncontained excitement and joy are my own feelings of relief and wonder.  His birth represents the end of a close on ten year hard fought for battle to complete our little family.


It took us a long, long road to have our Bella (over 6 years, 7 miscarriages and after all that, she was an IVF baby) But when she arrived we were finally given the mantle ‘parents’.  To have a second child would be the final icing – if there was any possibility I wanted her to have a companion, someone to spread and share the love, to be there with her when we became old, someone to love her like we did. IMG_0152

When she reached 18 months nothing had happened pregnancy-wise (we had hoped her birth might kick things into gear again..I was sure I stopped falling pregnant because of the psychological kick-back of the losses) so we made plans and turned to IVF again.  I still remember feeling like a fraudulent leper walking into the Infertility Clinic holding hands with my toddler.  I desperately wanted to hang a sign around her neck saying ‘IVF baby – honestly, I’ve  earnt her’.


The Gods were smiling –  despite a small number of eggs yet again, all were good quality and the treatment worked first time. Much to our astonishment and delight  I was pregnant with twins.  We were ecstatic.  Except it wasn’t meant to be.  Despite being on the magic cocktail of drugs that gave us Bella (Heparin, aspirin and steroids) when we went for our next scan, there were no heartbeats.   I’ll never forget the the nurse saying ‘This is so rare.  It really shouldn’t happen to both, they’re in separate sacs.’  I had to go into hospital for a D&C.  I remember they wanted me to take my wedding ring off.  I refused saying they were taking enough and just to cover it with surgical tape.


I was so utterly devastated.  It was one of the lowest points I can ever remember.  You’d think we’d be used to it, but coming after Bella, it was such a body blow…  IVF takes such time and emotional commitment – the whole process is so  fraught with dangers and knock backs that it seems as if you’ve been pregnant for months rather than weeks. We really thought we’d cracked the miscarriage problem and had prayed we’d never, ever have to face the trauma of it ever again.


Holding a glass of ouzo the day of the mirror

  The following month we headed to Greece to get away from everything and have a holiday.  And then something truly incredible happened: I fell pregnant  naturally – and literally knew straight away.  But how could I? I gave myself a strong talking to in the bathroom mirror – stop grasping at straws, don’t ruin the holiday for the others, stop dreaming, your cycle’s up the creek, move on – Whenever I’d been pregnant (Sooooo many times before)  I’d feel sick after one sip of alcohol..but look, I could still drink ouzo… The first weekend after we got back to the UK we travelled to see the in-laws.  I was handed a glass of white wine…and I knew it was true.


(Photo by the wonderful Alexandra Joseph)


It was such a  bitter sweet time…I hadn’t fallen naturally pregnant in over five years…the joy of hope..the trauma of fearing the worst again.  I went back on the drugs as soon as I could..and then it was a matter of waiting. All I can say is that to reach 12 weeks the seconds ticked by like hours..


(Photo by Alexandra Joseph)

But Charlie was meant to be – though he didn’t make it easy..I had notches on my umbilical cord so I remained on daily heparin injections until my 30th week – I looked like a regular abuser.  Then I got pre-eclampsia so he was finally delivered 2 weeks early by C-Section at what seemed a tiny five and a half pounds..but he was with us, he was alive –  he was an absolute little miracle.

kate and charlieIMG_1350IMG_1340


And now to see us as a family together, you’d never know..you’d just think..my….they’re lucky…


(Photo by Alexandra Joseph)

And we are.

Laters, Kate x