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For Kirsty With Love x


Because caring is sharing: This is the stunning work of New Zealand artist, illustrator and overall creative, Kirsty Warman who I’ve been a fan of since I first saw and followed her Blog. I’ve been dying to do a Blog post on her..but I didn’t think it would take this direction…


Just recently, Kirsty was approached by VIDA, the Google venture backed ecommerce platform that brings together designers and makers from around the world to create original and inspiring fashion in a socially conscious way.  They wanted Kirsty to collaborate with them to turn her Art into clothes – and it’s happening..right now!static1.squarespace-1

Over the next week, if her designs hit the 3+ orders each, VIDA will produce her unique designs..how cools is that?


Furthermore, for every VIDA product produced, the company pledges to help the makers in Karachi, Pakistan with literacy programmes.  It’s a win, win..

static1.squarespace-3 At around $40 USD this is too good to miss..and add VIDA VOICES at the checkout and you even get a 20% discount..static1.squarespace-4

Click here to sale effortlessly through to her shop..you know you want too!

I’ll see you there..

Laters, Kate x