It’s dark and raining heavily today as though even the Gods are crying.

And Donald Trump will be the next leader of the free world and President of America.


How? Why?

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You’ve really chosen a fascist over…a woman?

trump-bannon-cartoon-luckovich trump-palin-cartoon-7 thanksgiving-trump-2

The man who epitomises ‘if all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail..’?

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(All cartoons from Google)

For all the grieving people in the States – we empathise: This is what it feels like not to recognise your country any more.

Who ever thought Isis could win via democracy?

Laters, Kate x


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  2. artfulblasphemer

    (From my Facebook) What are we going to do today? We’re going to take a deep breath and remember that Trump does not have the full support of his party. Much of what he promised to do isn’t legally possible. That said, we’re also going to carry our pepper spray in case men start to feel emboldened to assault women and minorities. We are going to write letters to our representatives, go to protests, and remember that this is the last gasp of angry, ignorant extremists in the face of a changing country. They can’t stop the change, they can only disrupt the process temporarily. The US has historically never been an extremist country; we like the middle of the road. Like most adolescents, we sometimes try the wild side, but it generally isn’t to our liking. Also, this is most likely a scenario that, once it’s under way, will result in no one being happy. The guy isn’t reliable. He’s yet to tell the truth about anything other than what an asshole he is. He conned his party, he conned his constituency, and there will be a bucket of cold water come January for those who bought his con.

    That’s what I’m clinging to, at any rate.

    • Maison Bentley Style

      There is the hope of the understanding that this chaos is the result of a global political inertness and now maybe people will understand the need to take a personal interest and make a stand? It’s the only silver lining I can think of.. xxxxxx

  3. jackiemallon

    I had hoped we would learn form Brexit but apparently not. There’s a certain level of arrogance in polite society, a snobbery, that prevents us from looking our uglier side in the face. That’s what happened I think. Hillary was not ideal and we were arrogant to think that she had it in the bag despite being one of the most disliked candidates in modern history. She was too establishment but the establishment (media, pundits, DNC, special interests…) foisted her forward regardless. I’m sick.

    • Maison Bentley Style

      Forty years of a political career versus a man who decided to do it as a hobby…it’s a bitter pill to swallow. Mob rule is showing it’s colours..maybe social media will bring down an empire..nothing lasts forever – the Incas, the Greeks, the Egyptians…they all had their end. Just never thought I would contemplate this in my life time. xxxxxx