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Hi Society x


The perfect conker brown to match the season with authentically tooled leather, Penelope Chilver’s Barbarella Cordoban hi tops are the easywear anywhere shoe with that discerning level of quality and design.

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It’s a luxurious walk on the wild side…

Laters, Kate x

Blue Collar Worker x


Shrugging on a teddy bear winter coat is the perfect way to embrace the increasingly cutting edge to this colder season.



MiH – The British label based in London, has some of the best – the sort of coats that people can judge you in without knowing you.  And get it right.

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They don’t shout, instead they gently ooze with knowing cool.

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Because good lines and soft textures cleverly jigsawed together make a potent force.

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(All pictures from MiH)

Sometimes the greatest power to dazzle is just by the simplicity of what is there.

Laters, Kate x

Paper Bag Pants..


Sometimes you need something in your wardrobe with a little bit of rock ‘n’ roll on the dashboard.

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How about a pair of tie-up trousers? A real shout from the eighties when they were attractively called paper bag trousers…


There’s something about them..cut short..


Or with a big belt..


(All pics from Pinterest)

You can feel the force.  Throw up or throw back, does this mean high wasiters are really coming back?

Laters, Kate x

Timeless x


The AW15 lookbook for MiH fell into my inbox yesterday.  WHAT??


…Does that mean summer’s been and gone??


And nobody told me?


If so I’m perilously close to tears..

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There’s enough time slipping away without anyone else turning the speed-up dial.

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Honestly, halt with the Christmas lists already.


I just want to enjoy my pina colada on the beach.

Laters, Kate x

Still Thinking Ahead x



One of the surprise pieces I bought this year was a vintage 1940’s coat.  A surprise because of the’s dark brown sheepskin with pure american football style shoulders.  And my, those shoulders make you feel gooooooooood…I call it my bitch coat…


Perfectly balancing out the flare..


The shorter shape works too..

I think I need another one..

Laters, Kate x

Retrospective Ahead x


Another wish for Fall 2015? A pair of sturdy Doc boots..


The lace-up ones have a certain something..


How high can they go??


( All boots from here)

Pretty high! (And perfect with an eighties mohair coat..)

Laters, Kate x

Bag of tricks x


Valentino is Maria Callas singing Casta Dive from Norma, at sunset on the cliff tops of Cinque Terre.  It’s where the magic happens…(and it rips my heart out that Jean Paul Gaultier got their first…)


How unrepentantly this dazzles and drips with impeccably’s exclusive enough to buy a true designer very, very to buy a matching skirt as well..and what a stroke of genius to create the art of illusion between them, the designs responding to context with no limits to the possibilities.

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Those little touches, like the initials of the models, quietly embossed on..


(All photos Valentino)

It’s that moment when the clouds part and a golden ray of sunlight streams down.

Laters, Kate x

Chloe x


Chloe fall 2015 delves into the deep satisfaction of beautiful tailoring and boho chic.  This coat: I lust.  The soft retro cut, the wide lapels, the longer arms, the burnished brass buttons, the subtle height on the shoulders..the length (a pain to walk in, but oh-so elegant to see).  Simple, exclusive, fashion gold.

02-chloe 04-chloe

It’s 70’s but it’s cultured 70’s – the tiny covered buttons, the thin neck’s elegant campari drinking on a balcony in Italy rather than bronzed beach babe with a bottle of beer.



There were dresses for the barefoot comtessas.


But my heart was beating for the tailoring: I could’ve easily eaten more and felt disappointed every time the music stopped.


But when you see Chloe and Burberry plundering the same creative vein, you know there’s something in the air: patchwork and ponchos are obviously the mind-candy of the moment.

27-chloe 35-chloe

The boho vibe is strong between them: But I still think it’s the cuts and tailoring where the true riches lie.

Laters, Kate x

Dries Van Wonderful x


Dries Van Noten Fall 2015 is that rare mix of beauty, intellect and empathy.


It’s what happens when fashion, art and history collide.  The layering is exceptional  – clever pieces, beautiful materials and brilliant lengths that reference the past – from the brocades of the tudors to the frills of the dandies. Combined with innovative textures and a lifeblood of ideas, the collection springs to life.


Long oxblood gloves with short sleeves..


Jumper dresses re-invented with brocade..


gold and decadence..


(I must get a quilted jacket)


High mixed with low..chinos with velvet and…more quilting..

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Clothes made with a warmth associated with polar bears and snowy days..


(All photos

It’s winner, winner, chicken dinner.

Laters, Kate x