La Vita e Bella..



Spring has really sprung in can almost leave the house without a coat… it means all I want to do is pour myself into summer…


It doesn’t help that the Dolce & Gabbana Spring Summer advertising campaign has cherry picked everything my heart is yearning for…




The effervescence of the simple life – the joy of cooking with fresh ingredients, the passion of creating, the aroma of flowers and fruit ripening in the  sun, blue skies and al fresco suppers in the garden…the extra long brown legs don’t help either (where I can find them and how much do they cost?!) all sharpened up with a hint of Mafia.




There’s a haunting beauty that’s still grounded in the past, capturing a time when there was time to roam and relax into natural rhythms..


dolce-and-gabbana-ss-2014-womens-advertising-campaign-02-zoom dolce-and-gabbana-ss-2014-womens-advertising-campaign-01-zoom


There’s still laughter and fun..the fluidity of life rushing on the slow side with everything in broad strokes.






I want to hold it like a snow globe and treasure it forever..

Laters, Kate x


  1. motherhendiaries

    *long sharp intake of breath*… THE SHOES!!!!!!!!!!!!! *exhaling slowly…*

  2. fashionassist

    When you find out where you can purchase those long brown legs do tell…
    and I promise, I’ll order a pair of those flower embellished cat eye sunnies….
    one for you and one for me, along with any D&G outfit—your choice!! ~xo