Gorgeous Greece..


We travelled back home from gorgeous Greece yesterday (up at 8, started driving at 9.30..got to the airport at 5.00 pm..then flight delayed..home in London at 2 am) so rather hollow-eyed this morning – the world is still swaying, but it was so worth it..we had a truly magical time..who could’t?

IMG_1098IMG_1106 IMG_4359 IMG_4379 IMG_4382 IMG_1126 IMG_4418 IMG_4446 IMG_4426 IMG_4445


A post with more sense to follow soon!

Laters, Kate x


  1. .virginia.romo.

    Wow! Welcome back! And thank you for those gorgeous photos. I need the Mediterranean again, sooo badly…

  2. delightfullypeculiar

    Wow, I think we might have been in the same place almost at the same time. It must be the Ionian islands and maybe you were in Ithaca or around? Boat is the perfect way to go around the island 🙂 Lovely pictures!

  3. Anny

    What a positively fab vacation! You’ll have those amazing photos to bring you happy memories of family fun!