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The school term has begun which should be heralded with joy and relief except for me there’s always an element of wormwood and ashes: The early mornings, the sense of cramming round pegs into square holes, all the boxes to tick plus the tiredness, the flagging stamina interestingly mixed up with hockey socks, mouth guards, rugby boots, new shoes and never knowing exactly where to pick the kids up from each day.  The start was also a deadline for me..and I’m sort of there – I wanted the house to be running as smoothly as possible to give me free reign on another creative project – generally if I hand over my head to creative challenges the house collapses under the strain of chaos and constant trip-ups..this time I’m trying to learn the lesson and do my best to pre-empt them..hoho.


It’s not finished (when is a house ever??) but the study is sorted and everything filed away, there is now a runner made of kilims on the main stair, which I fitted in the same way as the cellar stairs here. Plus a bright newly painted yellow mirror right at the top of the stairs.


The sitting room is almost back to normal, painted a very chilled green (a few bits of skirting and one small bit of wall to go)


And the vintage media unit is hung..it just needs a few books and bits to bring it to life, but because it hangs rather than hogs, it really works.


The footstool went pink..it said pale pink on the packet..hmmmmmm..more like taramasalata..I’m thinking how to turn it down – maybe put it back in the washing machine with a packet of colour run??


And so it starts..

Laters, Kate x

Stairway to Heaven x


The first stair carpet for the main stairs arrived yesterday..excitement! It’s an unusual combination of earthy colours with contrasts of pure neon…definitely a risk that’s paid off..can’t wait for the other one to arrive now..Will they work together? Only time will tell..


I’ve almost finished painting the hall – ran out of paint at the very top. Typical.  But it’s had it’s own little transformation, including adding a newel post and new banister to make the stairs feel more integrated and trick the eye into thinking the wall on the  kitchen side was always there (we nicked the corridor space to give as much width as possible – every inch counts in London)


The new radiator cover is still painted with the builder’s grey undercoat..except I rather love it.  I like the contrast rather than everything matching. So last weekend it was dragged to B&Q to be colour matched..they thought I was bonkers as it was hauled onto the paint counter to go under their machine.  But sometimes needs must. If there’s any give in the already blown budget, a fitted mirror will go in the alcove..and stained glass in the front door.  A girl can dream.

IMG_8600 IMG_8602

Of course, the biggest change to the hall will be when the glass crittall doors arrive on Monday..

Laters, Kate x