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Stairway to Heaven x


The first stair carpet for the main stairs arrived yesterday..excitement! It’s an unusual combination of earthy colours with contrasts of pure neon…definitely a risk that’s paid off..can’t wait for the other one to arrive now..Will they work together? Only time will tell..


I’ve almost finished painting the hall – ran out of paint at the very top. Typical.  But it’s had it’s own little transformation, including adding a newel post and new banister to make the stairs feel more integrated and trick the eye into thinking the wall on the  kitchen side was always there (we nicked the corridor space to give as much width as possible – every inch counts in London)


The new radiator cover is still painted with the builder’s grey undercoat..except I rather love it.  I like the contrast rather than everything matching. So last weekend it was dragged to B&Q to be colour matched..they thought I was bonkers as it was hauled onto the paint counter to go under their machine.  But sometimes needs must. If there’s any give in the already blown budget, a fitted mirror will go in the alcove..and stained glass in the front door.  A girl can dream.

IMG_8600 IMG_8602

Of course, the biggest change to the hall will be when the glass crittall doors arrive on Monday..

Laters, Kate x


Clean Slate x


Old fashioned..or functional and full of character? Anaglypta or embossed wallpaper has that decisive, divisional effect.


Personally, I love it..it protects walls from the bumps and bangs of everyday life and offers a rich, timeless texture that’s hard to find anywhere else.


My marmite moment was what they did to it in the eighties..blinging the raised bits with lightly brushed metallic gold and copper paint..I can feel the bile rising all over again.  But in a deep, dark matt grey or black?



(last 2 pictures mine, all the others from Pinterest)

It’s time to experiment with samples..how high should the dado go? Maybe a whole wall of anaglypta..different anaglyptas….the mind is happily starting to bubble..

Laters, Kate x