Somerset House 13.9.13

IMG_2736Soaking up the buzz..Anna street stye.IMG_2724 Size does matter.

IMG_2729 The gorgeous Alex Willis-Bray with legs up to her armpits. Check out her great Blog.

IMG_2723After our interview for South West London TV.

IMG_2734 IMG_2738 IMG_2737 IMG_2743 Yep. He was taking pictures through his visor…and had yeti chest hair..there’s a fine line between Fashion and Victim.IMG_2730 IMG_2744 IMG_2745 IMG_2747 IMG_2748Laters, Kate x


  1. silky1way

    Wow! Love photo reporst like that. Pictures are some times better than words. It’s fashion week in Vienna too. Wanted to go but got ill.
    BTW you look great in your ”SO” black outfit….funy thing I wanted to wear black also to Vienna fashion week, I have even prove posted on my Facebook page.

    • MasonBentley

      It really was fun taking the’s the first time I’ve really done the street style can-I-take-your-picture? thing..but seriously, it was easy! Unfortunately I was always behind the camera so the picture is of my partner in crime, Anna who designs our label xxx

    • MasonBentley

      Tempted to go is a unique atmosphere..the couple in the hats? they’d found themselves a lovely table with the perfect view and were just drinking it all in.. xxx

  2. culturemisfit

    I love these photos ! The caption with guy and the visor is funny . I’m so loving your outfit . I wish I was there .

    • MasonBentley

      I will post the vid when it’s ready..when I’m finally in front of the oxblood! Honestly, it you ask me now I haven’t a clue what we said! xxx

  3. Scott Mackenzie

    Wow! Looks like so much fun! Thanks for the pictures, I almost feel like I’m there. Love the “God Save the Queen” jacket. somethings just never go away, or seem to keep coming back. πŸ™‚