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Jamie Beck & Ralph Lauren x



These pictures were taken by the photographer Jamie Beck backstage at the Ralph Lauren Show.

RalphLauren_Backstage_18 RalphLauren_Backstage_12


There’s a serenity and calm to them away from the glare of front of house.  Simple passions and gentle grace.




Where the details of the clothes can sing, the glass pane of the runway removed.




The rehearsal more telling than the stage production, capturing moments before the masks come down.

RalphLauren_Backstage_22 RalphLauren_Backstage_29


A designer bag now so effortless, approachable and lust-worthy..

RalphLauren_Backstage_25 RalphLauren_Backstage_38


(All photos from Jamie Beck’s Anne Street Studio Blog)


It helps that Jamie Beck always adds a sense of timelessness to her work, majestically catching the quality and movement of material she skilfully opens up the arteries to the pitfalls of desire…


I fall.

Laters, Kate x

Still Time!

bwold_family_portrait 6784512738_3da57c81bf_z bwold_family_portrait

Which should be the title of these beauties – the classically posed family portraits of old.  And they’re providing further inspiration for my Seven Every Day Sins project (see previous post)..thinking aloud…the temptation is with the potential resources at hand to plan fantasy, surreal, out of this world..but I think maybe that’s too easy/obvious?..I’m thinking that at initial glance things should appear relatively normal.  It’s then the clues that give the meaning…

Take portrait no.2 – a dreamy pose.  But have 2 women instead, the one standing up is wearing green with a spider clip nestled in her hair.  The lady sitting down is wearing designer black, dripping in jewels…and the symbols of mourning..black ribbon, Victorian jet jewellery. There could be a handbag open with more clues..Behind them on the wall is a portrait – maybe of a child – or maybe a still life of flowers? roses, carnations, chrysanthemums all have different meanings depending on their colour.. to the side an old fashioned clock with a moth clinging to the side.  The wallpaper is made up of pasted fifty pound notes. (verging on the too surreal?) The lady in green has her eye closed…but the lids are painted to look like they’re open. Neither are smiling.

scary eyes 5(photo from optic optic.com)

They do say the eye are the windows to the soul…

If you haven’t done so already there’s still time to vote (it goes without saying – a huge thank you if you have!).. the link to the competition site works straight through if you are signed into Facebook, if you’re not it takes you to ‘sign in’ and then the general website.  If you end up at the general website, go to photography – trending – and look for the only orange picture(!) called ‘Seven photos of Every Day Sin in Modern Times’ and click on that…. you’ll see the full application/film and the ‘support’ button on the right hand side….

All you’ve done – all you’ve tried to do is really appreciated xxx

Laters, Kate x

Moments in Time x


There’s one New Years Resolution I’ve slam dunked..I’ve embraced growing younger gracefully by going back to school.


Each week I’ve been studiously at my desk at Putney School of Art learning properly about Photography…and I’ve loved it.


It’s not that I didn’t like the photos I was taking..I just didn’t really know how I was doing it and whether I could do it better. A bit like our brains or computers, we now have these incredible beasts of cameras that we rarely take out of first gear..


Thinking about short term, long term, quality, light, composition…it’s such a peaceful place away from the clamour of family life and I have thoroughly appreciated the time to think of nothing else other than the moment.


Some of these photos were taken on a field trip we did as a class around the streets of London, others are from my beautiful nieces christening last weekend.

IMG_4782 IMG_4603IMG_4784


Watching for a photo is like waiting for little pockets of opportunity.  Often I think – if only they’d look up.  But then the sweet spot happens and it’s like the nectar of the Gods.

IMG_4659_2 IMG_4668IMG_4577 IMG_4788_2

Is the process getting something right? Or does it go beyond that? All I know is that to break the rules, you first have to know them..and that learning as an adult is the best drug ever.

Laters, Kate x

Tracing Traceloops..

tumblr_m98qdqlGNN1rb40pco1_500 tumblr_n0sx5qo1Ue1rb40pco1_500

Artist/graphic designer/ Animator Mathias Brownis re-working the art of rotoscoping  – an animation technique where animations trace real footage from by frame to create live-action animations with a hand-drawn feel – and then mashing it up with gifs to surprising effect.

Matthias-Brown-Traceloops-4 Matthias-Brown-Traceloops-5


Tumble also choose him as one of their Talents with special access to New York Fashion Week.

tumblr_n0t12hjAwK1rb40pco1_500 tumblr_n0symc8jQe1rb40pco1_500

A new set of eyes is always liberating.

Matthias-Brown-Traceloops-2 Matthias-Brown-Traceloops-8 Matthias-Brown-Traceloops-9

For more pictures and insights check out his website. I so want to play…

Laters, Kate x

Rain, Rain Go Away..

IMG_4067It’s dismal in London with driving rain, strong winds and the knowledge that we’re no longer in the land of fairy lights, pine cones and endless glitter.  So I thought what better time than the New Year to break the diet fall off the wagon get even more depressed give me a facelift to give the Blog a facelift?

IMG_0229I’m liking the new size of pictures..IMG_0223Means you can now see the clouds reflecting in this one.

IMG_0224And this tree.

IMG_4073This is our new pond on the Common.  Has the ducks mighty confused.
IMG_4075The weather means the sky has been turning all sorts of colours.IMG_0233 IMG_0231
At least we’ve all been safe at home, snuggled up – next week it’s back to the daily grind and the school run…weather please, please improve otherwise I’ll be investing in a fisherman’s sou’wester. And a boat.

IMG_0235Roll on spring…

Laters, Kate x