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Rain, Rain Go Away..

IMG_4067It’s dismal in London with driving rain, strong winds and the knowledge that we’re no longer in the land of fairy lights, pine cones and endless glitter.  So I thought what better time than the New Year to break the diet fall off the wagon get even more depressed give me a facelift to give the Blog a facelift?

IMG_0229I’m liking the new size of pictures..IMG_0223Means you can now see the clouds reflecting in this one.

IMG_0224And this tree.

IMG_4073This is our new pond on the Common.  Has the ducks mighty confused.
IMG_4075The weather means the sky has been turning all sorts of colours.IMG_0233 IMG_0231
At least we’ve all been safe at home, snuggled up – next week it’s back to the daily grind and the school run…weather please, please improve otherwise I’ll be investing in a fisherman’s sou’wester. And a boat.

IMG_0235Roll on spring…

Laters, Kate x