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Moments in Time x


There’s one New Years Resolution I’ve slam dunked..I’ve embraced growing younger gracefully by going back to school.


Each week I’ve been studiously at my desk at Putney School of Art learning properly about Photography…and I’ve loved it.


It’s not that I didn’t like the photos I was taking..I just didn’t really know how I was doing it and whether I could do it better. A bit like our brains or computers, we now have these incredible beasts of cameras that we rarely take out of first gear..


Thinking about short term, long term, quality, light, composition…it’s such a peaceful place away from the clamour of family life and I have thoroughly appreciated the time to think of nothing else other than the moment.


Some of these photos were taken on a field trip we did as a class around the streets of London, others are from my beautiful nieces christening last weekend.

IMG_4782 IMG_4603IMG_4784


Watching for a photo is like waiting for little pockets of opportunity.  Often I think – if only they’d look up.  But then the sweet spot happens and it’s like the nectar of the Gods.

IMG_4659_2 IMG_4668IMG_4577 IMG_4788_2

Is the process getting something right? Or does it go beyond that? All I know is that to break the rules, you first have to know them..and that learning as an adult is the best drug ever.

Laters, Kate x