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Food for Thought..


Banana Republic Fall 2015 is the faultless streetstyle collection of NYFW.


It’s the Collection for the realities of life: Meeting friends, the school run, a trip to the shops..a quick snap from the paps…it’s normcorm coolness personified..


And maybe that’s where I have my itch, my first wobble of a potential problem, hard to hold back and impossible to shake off..


I love the stripe. But think too deeply and this collection becomes an unsettling vision..like a serpent eating it’s own tail.  We have fashion..we have street style..now we have fashion that is street style and because it’s so perfectly of the moment, there’s no sense of pushing boundaries or striving for the next artistic step.


It’s not that I don’t like it..I really, really do..and look – metallics and tassels again..

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(All photos Style.com)

It’s faultless, flawless, impeccable – and feels like it’s been squeezed and prodded into life by a profit driven corporate machine…to produce the opposite of anarchy.

The truth is fashion has to sell, but it fundamentally has to walk hand in hand with creativity: We need a heart..but we need a soul too.

Laters, Kate x

Tracing Traceloops..

tumblr_m98qdqlGNN1rb40pco1_500 tumblr_n0sx5qo1Ue1rb40pco1_500

Artist/graphic designer/ Animator Mathias Brownis re-working the art of rotoscoping  – an animation technique where animations trace real footage from by frame to create live-action animations with a hand-drawn feel – and then mashing it up with gifs to surprising effect.

Matthias-Brown-Traceloops-4 Matthias-Brown-Traceloops-5


Tumble also choose him as one of their Talents with special access to New York Fashion Week.

tumblr_n0t12hjAwK1rb40pco1_500 tumblr_n0symc8jQe1rb40pco1_500

A new set of eyes is always liberating.

Matthias-Brown-Traceloops-2 Matthias-Brown-Traceloops-8 Matthias-Brown-Traceloops-9

For more pictures and insights check out his website. I so want to play…

Laters, Kate x