Greece Part 4


It’s pouring with rain here..time to return to summer memories of the sun.

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This was the evening of our fifteenth wedding anniversary with an obligatory, if rare selfie.


My parent’s had decided to stay an extra day and had moved to this beautiful hotel in the middle of Leonidio town.


Full of antiques and curiosities, beautifully done…a real gem.


We sat around their pool for an aperitif and watched as 20 or more bats from the red mountains dipped into the pool for a cooling evening drink.


Bella was none to pleased at being ‘forced’ to wear a dress for the occasion.


Not even a cuddle from Daddy helped. It was a lovely evening though..we went into the town..


And found this incredible shop run by a mother and daughter who, in amongst the washing up liquid and Ajax sold all their own homemade produce including jams, honey, capers..and a spirit made from Aubergine! They’d just bake a whole tray of almond biscuits which they proceeded to hypnotise us with..honestly some of the best biscuits I’ve ever eaten.  We stocked up on all sorts.  Our meal was equally a little square, with one long table full of local friends who were musicians, happily playing, singing and dancing.  Pure magic.


The next day we waved good bye to my parents who were off to meet their Greek son-in-law for a trip to the theatre at Epidauvros, and returned to our favourite beach/taverna.  On the way there Bella said she didn’t want to go as she wanted a sandy beach..the Gods heard her for when we got there, it was! Large waves had rolled in and taken all the round pebbles away..
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Then the waves rose up again..which the children loved.

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During this time, we’d spend the mornings at the pool whilst the husband was on the phone/internet, going through a nightmare with work.  And then we’d head out for somewhere for lunch, dragging him with us.  The problem was there were no facilities at the villa complex – nowhere to get an ice cream or drink and no taverna within walking distance.  We were reliant on the apartment, the internet, the car and on him.


Having lunch at Plaka..Charlie decided he was going to jump off the pier..


Which he did!


But then he got really upset that Bella didn’t jump in with him and started throwing a paddy, screaming and hitting the water – all the locals thought he was drowning..and were wondering why his parents weren’t jumping in after him..we stayed a safe distance away.


The screams got even louder when we saw there were ducks in the water with him!

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And then we lost the internet.  The husband really thought he’d have to return home..he needed the car to back to Athens..but we couldn’t manage without a car.


So we re-packed the cases, in case he had to fly back..


Rang my parents who were now back at Spetses and explained we needed refuge..we could return to Athens under our own steam from there..and it had internet.


And made our way back to Spetses!


It wasn’t exactly a hardship.

Laters, Kate x