Lust Lust Lust..


Maria Grazia Chuiri and Pierpaolo Piccioli are producing the type of Valentino Collections that bleeds my soul.

I tell myself – it’s only clothes…but my heart knows better.

Valentino_024_1366.683x1024 Valentino_010_1366.683x1024

It’s as if they’ve stepped inside my head and cherry picked my favourite things: Blanket coats, proper boots, Doc shoes, loose but crisp, colours on the side of dusky..and handed them to me as a lighter than air, perfectly baked clafoutis.

Valentino_006_1366.683x1024 Valentino_007_1366.683x1024

The proportions make me smile with pure pleasure.


At first glance I thought this was a play on the boyfriend is, but better – it’s a cape.

Valentino_012_1366.683x1024 Valentino_013_1366.683x1024

So clever.


How do they get it so right?


And then there is the Butterfly motif, Damien Hirst re-invented.

Valentino_023_1366.683x1024 Valentino_059_1366.683x1024 Valentino_077_1366.683x1024

How understated can this be? And still pack a punch..

I need to lie down.

Laters, Kate x


  1. maryeavant

    These pieces truly are works of art! It’s so hard to find something I don’t love, but the butterfly gown and eagle wing cape are especially amazing.

  2. dievca

    Ahhh, the patchwork (blanket) short coat for me and the Butterfly Motif Coat! Everyone else is lovely, but those are the two I desire. XO

  3. KerryCan

    Coats made of blankets?!!? Oh, oh–I’m in trouble. Actually some of them are reminiscent of much more staid and traditional blanket coats made by the American company Pendleton (which, being stai and traditional myself, I love!)

  4. fashionassist

    This cleverly talented duo has excelled far beyond imagination…
    a stunning lineup that feels like a walk through an art gallery…
    to choose a favourite would be too difficult a task….
    each piece is a masterpiece all of its own~ xo

  5. jackiemallon

    Oh I agree wholeheartedly! They are creating something that is almost more Valentino than Signor Valentino himself! He must be tickled pink with how they are developing his legacy. It’s jet-set and urbane and hippy and soigné–how many chances do we get to use that word?! Gorgeous, truly! xo

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  7. Michelle @ The Wardrobe Update

    Divine, all of it! Isn’t it the best when a collection just gets inside your head and seems to speak directly to you?