Stellar Star x


When was the last time you saw something so smart it made your head spin?

YVL_6996 YVL_7040

Stella Jean as that rare ability to turn what we would look at and think is promisingly awful and turn it into proud peacocks of the fashion world.

YVL_7088 YVL_7212

Each looks is a wonder, with the clever use of stripes pulling it all together like the ribbons on a babies bonnet.


Stella Jean is prepared to do things that could completely trip her up…but instead she reaches that heady sweet spot of awe.

YVL_7279 YVL_7377

Just stunning.

YVL_7391 YVL_7418 YVL_7429

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Each item is a wonder and a rich blast of laughter laden exotic air…

Laters, Kate x


  1. jackiemallon

    I love what she does. Really putting shockwaves through Milan Fashion Week. I want that floor length shirt dress with the basket-carrying women. I want it! I WANTit!! (Petulantly stamps feet)