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Funky and Fanciful x



There’s a serendipity when things that aren’t perfect just are.

KWJ-Lookbook-boxer-with-botanical-rings_1140_581_80 KWJ-Lookbook-man-wearing-pansies_1140_581_80

Like an unexpected marriage of colour, nostalgia and manipulation.

KWJ-Lookbook-native-indian-wearing-botanical_1140_581_80 KWJ-Lookbook-man-wearing-superfine_1140_581_80

But then would you expect any more from Karen Walker?


(I want this bow necklace. Like now…)

KWJ-Lookbook-boxer-with-botanical-pendant_1140_581_80 KWJ-Lookbook-woman-wearing-filigree_1140_581_80

The Queen of witchy powers, always willing to throw magic into the mix.  And cackle with glee at the results..

Laters, Kate x