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Happiness..a very dear friend has stepped off the red-eye from the States this morn and is coming to stay! Oh joy!


Sadness..my house is not at it’s best.


Happiness..it’s not raining!


Sadness..I have no kitchen


Happiness..wine doesn’t need cooking!

Laters, Kate x

Ode to Creative Coffee..


We had our final Creative Coffee EVER yesterday…a day of sadness, joy..and achievement all rolled into one.


Sometime it’s the simple things in life that make the magic and one of those things for me were Creative Coffee Mornings.  They were started by the lovely Sophy many years ago now, when she made the genius decision that chatting over coffee with young children was so much more fun when creating was involved.  Originally we’d all take over our unfinished projects and use the time to give ourselves much needed permission to complete them.  Then Sophy and  best friend, Minta developed it further and prepared, for a small fee, everything in advance with a termly timetable of once-weekly delights. From sugar craft to liqueurs to making sausages…it was the perfect antidote to urban brain boil.

img_1313 img_1317

Now Minta is off to pastures new – a whole new chapter is opening up for her in the wilds of Scotland, which I know she’ll relish and grab with both hands…but she’ll be missed.

img_1324 img_1335

Wednesday mornings will never be quite the same again..


(These are not handmade rolls but an edible sculpture, entitled ‘eight nude elderly ladies tying their shoelaces’..)

img_0463 img_0521img_3173img_3159

So I raise a cupcake to the wonders of Creative Coffee and all who sailed in her…. Ladies, it was a commanding performance with a spectacular range, lead with aplomb and an indescribable magical touch of alchemy.  Thank you for the opportunity to spend time with some of the best women I know laughing, baking, making and creating. The memories will live long..(well..those that aren’t addled by sloe gin…)

I absolutely loved it.


Laters, Kate x

Mr and Mrs!

IMG_5466 IMG_5469

A cloudless sky..a balmy day..a beautiful bride..a beaming groom..there’s not much that beats the pure thrilling tide of love a wedding inspires. It’s that pure moment of magic when you get to celebrate a fork in the path of people you love, because they’ve chosen to walk that way together, forever.  (Or in this case, dancing, singing…..laughing..)

IMG_5473 IMG_5474 IMG_547511407195_992000774166382_6172529787180068338_n

(Great pic by Kayte Cable!)

The gorgeous bride (naturally) (as your do) MADE HER OWN DRESS. Respect….(I think we can all be proud of the way we have brought her up..she’s a credit to us!)

IMG_0553 IMG_0552

(Heart-stealer Wilf also stealing Sarah’s limelight)


The service was delivered with suitable grandee gravitas, impeccable diction and great teeth.

IMG_0559 IMG_0561 IMG_5544 IMG_5508

Full of the potent force of shared years/drunken forays that make 20 years disappear to re-awaken the past in bright, nostalgic technicolor. Flamboyant, slapstick and joyful with a pearly heat haze of pure charm and happiness.


IMG_5545IMG_5559 IMG_0569

And then the dancing began!

IMG_0573 IMG_5623 IMG_0574 IMG_0575IMG_0579

Spinning, twisting, whirling into the night…


Congratulations you lovely, lovely pair!!!!!!

Laters, Kate x

Tripping the Light Fantastic x



Sitting here with a hangover from hell..I blame you Miss Fairy! It was her birthday last night…and there was a moment, a sliding doors moment when we were in a lift heading in the right direction away from the roof top bar till she turned to me with a cheeky grin and said, go on..let’s just have one more…personally I think it was less my scintillating company and more the rather handsome gentlemen she’d eyed.  It’s always so much easier to break the ice when you have a married wingman at your side..and my, we work well as a team! Poor man didn’t stand a chance.  Which brings back memories in itself as it was at a birthday party of Fairies all those years ago that I met my husband-to-be – he didn’t stand a chance either…and that’s probably the start of the slippery slope..instead of learning from experience, you revert to youth and all it’s antics.  Until the next day when you feel considerably older than your considerable years…it’ll probably take me a week to recover!


But the good news is he’s asked her out for dinner! Yay!

The bad news is I’ve run out of asprin..

Laters, Kate x