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Mouse House x

Joy can come in very small packages.

The idea of little shops for mice was first started by Anonymouse – a Swedish Artists collective whose first piece of mouse street art was a restaurant in Malmo. The idea has since been taken up by others across the world. Built with dedication, skill, time and humour they exist for the pure wonder and escapism their existence produces; a little bit of imagination made real.

(All pics Pinterest and Anonymouse)

It’s enough to make you smile.

Laters, Kate x

Project x

We spent last week in the far north of Finland, 120 miles within the arctic circle: A fab and magical holiday – proper photos to follow – but it blew my mind to be miles away from anywhere, in a winter wonderland deep with thick, pure white snow,  and  somebody  still  had  the  guts,  gall,  initiative  to guerrilla  yarn  bomb…that’s not a tree with a strange disease in the picture.

I’m loving the way this Street Art is developing, mutating different yarn crafts, particularly the use of embroidery.

But not only is it a new take on embroidery, it’s the re-imagining of the holding structure: Anything with a grid is fair game.

(All pics Pinterest)


It’s a new way of looking at our black and white world…and seeing potential.

Laters, Kate x

I am Lucky..


Because I have fabulous neighbours, which is one seriously important cog in the life’s life-enhancing machinery.  Take this Christmas card, drawn by the visually inspired Jane of her dog, Zsa zsa and all her wonderful puppies taking a leaf out of the Great British Bake Off..Talent, verve and festive giggles..


On Friday I spent the day with another neighbour, Doromy, an ex-actress who knows all there is to know about London and is a visceral, witty joy to be with..we headed to Radio Days on Lower Marsh Street, just by Waterloo to check out vintage dressing gowns for Charlie and to buy deco shot glasses as a present to go with the Sloe Gin I made at Creative Coffee…the place is an absolute treasure trove and well worth a visit if you’re ever in this part of town..


In fact the whole of Lower Marsh Street is a little gem: Vintage shops, food stalls, chi-chi pubs..the gnarly mixed with loftier intentions.  Further down and just off to the right is this..the underground tunnel leading to The Vaults, a multi-use underground venue and a spray-painted canvas of guttural dipthongs..

IMG_0620IMG_0613 IMG_0614 IMG_0619

Including female graffiti artists..


And a female fire-eater to boot..

We ended our day, setting the world to rights, eating takeaway kedgeree from Konditor and cook, sitting in Waterloo Station and watching the world go by.  There’s not many people you can do that with..simple, effortless and full of the unexpected. It was bliss.


Laters, Kate x