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Oh. My. Lust.

Sometimes pictures speak louder than words…which has to be a good thing as drool is stopping me from forming recognisable sounds let alone intelligent sentences…


Mary Janes have grown up – sheer class by Manolo Blahnik. Sigh.


Flights of fancy by Giuseppe Zanotti. Quite frankly edible.


Everyday joy by Longchamp.  Supermarket shopping could really feel this good?


Sultry butt-kicking ankle straps by Etro. You know you want them.


Combat fighting grace by Belstaff. Aggressively delicious, no chocolate necessary.


By Tods –  The optical illusion double whamy – a heel you can walk in AND thinner legs

 Laters, kate x

Style Edit: Flares

I think I may be moving inspirationally backwards when searching for a point of brilliance in the hunt for my spring/summer wardrobe…the siren voice of the 70s is singing my name…I feel I know want..but whether I can find it will be something else entirely…


The truth is I am in love with wide trousers – the long triangle of silhouette making everything waist-wise look minuscule then set off with a small contrasting jacket..and those big sunnies…and a  casual, but quietly expensive slung bag..sigh.


I am drawn to the proper flare/bell bottoms  – and this is the perfect summer picture of desire – the way her trousers are deliciously skimming-the-ground-long and completely covering her shoes – which are probably a pair of wonderful Longchamp wedges subtly adding to height and length.  Who can’t love that?

images-28 images-7

The summer would be so effortless –  peasant blouses and louche, artistic tops…


GetAttachment-138.aspximages-51 It’s a good job that the louche, artistic top is a bit of a MasonBentley speciality…the final samples are being made as I type and proper photos will follow at some point…but to give you a taster, here is Anna modelling some of our new designs…


Gorgeous eh?


Where Have All The Long Boots Gone?

Mine are gathering dust under the bed somewhere…have you seen yours this winter?

I was originally really dubious as to whether I could embrace the shoe-boot phenomenon.  I was wearing these babes in the eighties when they were romantically named the ‘pixie boot’ And that’s what they did – made you look short.  Meanwhile the long boot was my lust of choice and they had to be long – not over the knee/merry men style but Polo riding and gorgeous grenadier guards in full flight – you know how the way the knee just bends out of the top into firm thigh, ready to spring into action, mud flying, muscles quivering…I think I need to get this out of my system…




Sigh. The long boot doesn’t sit on your calf at the widest part of your lower leg – it elongates and accentuates…I’m slipping again..Mr Darcy and Pride and prejudice is coming to me in waves…


Forsooth, I must apologies, as Jane Austen wrote herself – ‘A lady’s imagination is very rapid’…and to return to the aforesaid subject. These are my favourites:


Good square heel, that particular tan colour – almost orangey with a nod to the seventies, great with skinny jeans, fab with cut off denim minis, could dress down a silk dress – they were the staple of my winter wardrobe…my first large purchase when I had some money to burn…but like the large bumble bee, they are all but gone…replaced by these:



Look through all the online shoe sites – the long boot is a rare beast – I’ve heard tell of a come back next season – but I can’t feel it in my waters yet, instead the object of present desire are these by Tabitha Simmons at Creatures of the Wind:


Already flagged on two great blogs – at Garance Dore and ManRepeller  – and you know when something is in the air.. see it on one Blog……and then it gets mentioned again….and there is an inevitability… an immediate attraction – it’s the elegant sibling of what we’ve all been living in – the jushed jooshed  jouzched  – damn it, juzzsched? up version   the wild woman of the night, the eloquent taxi shoe for glam nights and elicit cocktails.  Yum.

But I can take a step back – this has reminded me not to forsake my old faithfuls entirely  – which pair will get me to the school run and back again, year after year? And perhaps with a little boot polish and some elbow grease, I’ll actually be ahead of the game…

Laters, Kate x