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Depth and Richness x


Christie Brinkley at 61 – SIXTY ONE! in Bruce Weber’s ‘Better thean Ever’ spring campaign for Barney’s New York.

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Whatever she’s got…I want.

Laters, Kate x

Savvy Sonya..


Julie de Libran, the relatively new Designer at Sonya Rykiel has come up with some glorious and gutsy vocals for her 2015 Pre-fall Collection, including a masterclass in how to wear flares..


The proportions are magnificent, with classic details on sleeve lengths, cuffs and pockets.


She imbues the most mundane textures with emotion.


This clash of cobalt and animal mixed with the perfect updated boot and a flash of patterned tight..


(All photos Style.com)

A classy act from a Designer one step ahead of perceptions and preconceptions.

You can hear it glow.

Laters, Kate x

Just a Little Obsessed..


The light is underway. I took a punt on the size of lanterns without seeing them in the flesh..and as a prototype I don’t think I did too badly.  Still not sure how I’m going to finally link them all together – on the one hand, when they’re loosely linked they catch the breeze and spin gently – I can imagine them above candles, moving on the warm air.  But then I think the shape is better when they’re tighter together.  Going to see what they look like with their scales before I made a decision.



The bottom ball is already covered..the temptation was just too great! It’s incredibly therapeutic work…

Laters, Kate x