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Style Edit: Flares

I think I may be moving inspirationally backwards when searching for a point of brilliance in the hunt for my spring/summer wardrobe…the siren voice of the 70s is singing my name…I feel I know want..but whether I can find it will be something else entirely…


The truth is I am in love with wide trousers – the long triangle of silhouette making everything waist-wise look minuscule then set off with a small contrasting jacket..and those big sunnies…and a  casual, but quietly expensive slung bag..sigh.


I am drawn to the proper flare/bell bottoms  – and this is the perfect summer picture of desire – the way her trousers are deliciously skimming-the-ground-long and completely covering her shoes – which are probably a pair of wonderful Longchamp wedges subtly adding to height and length.  Who can’t love that?

images-28 images-7

The summer would be so effortless –  peasant blouses and louche, artistic tops…


GetAttachment-138.aspximages-51 It’s a good job that the louche, artistic top is a bit of a MasonBentley speciality…the final samples are being made as I type and proper photos will follow at some point…but to give you a taster, here is Anna modelling some of our new designs…


Gorgeous eh?