Coachella 2014



Coachella: A place for people to unshowily declare themselves.




To turn up and have fun like a wild drive through the night whilst still standing in a circle of friends.




To sing, play, dance and listen and put a distance from the real world.  Just for a little bit.



Personally, it’s the Coachella Art Studios that would have my name on them – the craft themes this year are: Paper, re-cycled materials, fashion, camp improvement (!) and a banter booth!



You can make a head wrap, get stuck into clay and even draw stranger portraits – love this: Sit down on opposite sides of an artists easel with a stranger and draw each other – get to know the other person through the process by using provided interview questions to break the ice..or just chat! The result is a portrait each and a new friend..result!



The Afterlife is a place to go to give birth to new objects from old…a broken inner bicycle tube? It becomes a wallet. Plastic bags? material! I’d never leave..




For the first time ever there’s even a Quiltchella..a communal quilt in the making..they need you Kerry and Nikki!




(All photos by Annie powers from

The next Festival is 18-20 April…only in my dreams will I be there….But one day, when the kids have flown the nest and I’m in my dotage I’m going to dress up in flowing purple robes and a mighty turban and laugh and dance and do it all till the sun rises again…Promise.

Laters, Kate x


  1. Fashion Mayann

    I know that you’ll keep your promise ! As a runway-obsessed, I can’t help noticing that the pretty girl in the wonderfully-cool short dungarees has the hair of Marc Jacobs’ Spring/Summer 2014 show ! xxxxx

      • KerryCan

        But what are you referring to as camp? In my part of NY, we call summer cottages or seasonal dwellings “camps.” People are always saying, “I’m spending the weekend at camp.” Is it the same for you?

    • Maison Bentley Style

      Come and join us on the quilting with Kerry! In my dreams I have a wall of portraits of the family drawn by all the different street vendors from different countries through the years…maybe time to start making it a reality before they get too old!! xxx

  2. fashionassist

    Love the idea of crashing onto the Coachella scene “in flowing purple robes and a mighty turban”…
    can I join you? Headlines would read, “New Twist–Golden Girls Rock Coachella in Turbans”!!
    lol…I can just picture it all–it would be nothing but pure gloriousness! ~xo