Save the day..


When writing a post for this Blog, sometimes it’s planned – more often than not, it’s spontaneous and every now and then it’s fate.  This is a fate post – with a long list of things to do this morning, none of which I’ve managed to get done, I came to my keyboard late wondering what on earth I would write.  Then I opened up Heather Clawson’s post of the day from Habitually Chic and need, love and fate all collided.  Heather had posted pictures of a stunning house in Spetses from an article in Architects Digest which is telling as it was only last week we were on the island.  What makes it more poignant is that today is my parents 49th wedding anniversary and they are still out there…and there is nothing my mother likes better than a good nose around a house – this is for you mum – Enjoy and happy anniversary!

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Laters, Kate x

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