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Bummer Bag x



Bumbags got a bad rep in the eighties.  I can’t think why.

Tourists Holding Hands


The nineties weren’t much better..


But away from the neon and laughter, there’s a functional aesthetic desperate to get out.  I have the bag in this picture – it’s by Hipstersforsisters – and it’s a true, top totty wonder.  With it’s chain, it can be unclipped and turned into a crossbody, or removed entirely to transform into a clutch.  A slam-dunk three-in-one-no-brainer.


Now I’m after something a bit bigger, in brown leather with more pockets to carry passport, phone…and cash..to take to Greece.  I’ve left it a bit late in the day, but I’m hoping I’ll still find something…

inspo The_Row_004_1366.683x1024

without having to raid the last penny of the piggy bank for this Row bag sadly costing more than the holiday!

Laters, Kate x


It’s coming…


The rumblings started around 2011 when Hermes walked this one down the runway..


Givenchy: Runway - Paris Fashion Week Spring / Summer 2012

Givenchy did a little number too.


And the odd street style star picked up the vibe.


But this year the noise is getting louder..Spotted at The Row’s Pre-fall 2014 Collection..


Tory Burch SS14, did it more than once..

MARC0326.683x1024 CHA_0788.683x1024

And now Chanel?


Maybe it’s all been about branding…’Bum’ bag is really such an ugly word.  But ‘hipster’ ‘Belt bag’? Far more class..

IMG_4048Mine is permanently attached to my side whether it’s cross body or as a belt bag.  Not just because I like the look..but it’s just so practical as well..Compared to the eighties we’re now in the land of miniature and everything fits in perfectly.

All hail the return! Long may it last!

Laters, Kate x



The Row have presented their Pre-fall 2014 Collection using Linda Roden as one of their models which is utterly refreshing – it’s about time sophistication was used to sell to the sophisticated.


In the larger scheme of things it represents a pee in the Pacific. But it’s something.



Just a shame the Collection itself is so harmless and she has so little to work with  – it doesn’t shout, doesn’t dance, doesn’t impress with ingenue and life.  There’s no seduction or provocation.

The_Row_016_1366.683x1024 The_Row_017_1366.683x1024

The best thing is this leather skirt.

The_Row_018_1366.683x1024 The_Row_019_1366.683x1024

But the whole thing could be a Marks and Spencers commercial.

The_Row_020_1366.683x1024 linda1

So different to the Karen Walker campaign above and below.  Style and colour is so much more attractive.


Which shows it’s not youth that makes an impression, but good design.

Laters, Kate x